Fomex RollLite – Flexible and Waterproof Bi-Color LED Lights

Fomex RollLite are new flexible bi-color LED lights. They come in four different sizes and feature high-quality light output with a very durable (waterproof, dustproof, and heatproof) construction. During NAB 2019, we talked about the lights with Alex Kirst from Fomex.

Fomex is not a new player in the world of flexible LED light panels. The Korean company already has the FL600 and FL1200 flexible LED lights in its portfolio. Now they introduced new durable series of flexible lights called RollLite. What do they offer?

The Fomex RollLite is waterproof

Fomex RollLite – Bi-Color, Repairable, Durable

First of all, the Fomex RollLite LED panels are bi-color. They are capable of light temperatures between 2700K and 6500K. One very nice design perk of the light panel is that it consists of small LED modules. Each module has one “warm white” 2700K LED unit and one “cold white” 6500K LED unit. They are individually replaceable, so when one module breaks, it can be relatively easily replaced with a new one, by the user.

The LED units in the light are high quality – the CRI rating is 96 and the TLCI rating is 98. Beam angle of the lights is 120°.

The light panels feature a very durable construction. They are very flexible and heatproof. We were told the material can withstand temperatures of up to 250°C (about 480F). The waterproof material of the light panel is anti-bacterial to prevent mold when the panel is stored wet for instance.

To represent its durability, the lights have the IP64 certification. The first digits represent solid particles protection. In this case, 6 means it is completely dust tight. The second digit represents liquids protection. 4 is defined as splashing water protection: “water splashing against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effect.”

The Fomex RollLite panels come in four sizes:

  • RL21 – 2×1′ size, 75W
  • RL31 – 3×1.5′ size, 100W or 150W
  • RL33 – 3×3′ size, 200W or 300W
  • RL66 – 6×6′ size (four pieces of the 3×3′ panel combined together), 1,200W

The panels are controlled and powered by one 6-pin waterproof XLR cable which goes into the DMX controller. The controller can dim the light (0-100% dimming) and change the temperature. Powering will be available by AC input or with a battery.

The lights can be mounted virtually anywhere. For mounting on standard light stands there is a new X-Mount made by die casting.

The company is offering a diffuser mat (by default with quarter density – half or full density are also available) to soften the light output. Further accessories like softbox and grid for the light panels are currently being finalized and they should be available within a few weeks.

All the sizes are available now. Pricing varies between under $2,000 US and $10,000 US depending on the size and included accessories.

We found the material of the Fomex RollLite to be way more flexible than competing lights when looking at it during NAB 2019.

What do you think about the new Fomex RollLite LED panels? Do you have experience working with flexible LED lights? Let us know in the comments underneath the article.


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