Free Sony Webinar teaching “Capturing the Action”

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Free Sony Webinar teaching "Capturing the Action"

UPDATED – Here’s the recording of the free webinar! Details below …

The tools to shoot fast-paced action sequences have become more accessible than ever before, with tiny action cams and high-frame-rate-shooting cameras more commonplace than ever, and advancing constantly. But the tools alone are not enough – new tools require new approaches to use the new capabilities to full effect.

Sony is organizing a free webinar called “Capturing the Action”, transmitted live from Pinewood Studios in London, on this coming Wednesday (November 19) at 2pm GMT.

You can sign up for free here!

In the webinar, I will be hosting the UK sports and action shooting specialists geebeebee media. Check out some of their stuff on their website – they definitely are the go-to guys for fast-paced sports action. I am very much looking forward to talking to them about how they approach their shoots, how they choose their gear and settings of their cameras. You will learn a lot about capturing fast-paced action from this one-hour webinar!



This behind-the-scenes video of their shoot will give you a good option of what to expect from the webinar:

It will be interesting to compare experiences with the geebeebee media team, and talk about what kind of cameras make it easier than ever before to capture sports action in previously unseen angles.


This webinar will cover:

  • Power versus portability
  • Shots and angles to make your video stand out
  • Creative uses for slow-mo
  • Enhancing your on-screen look with 4K
  • Choosing fixed or interchangeable lenses

Webinar starts at: 2pm GMT on November 19th – sign up here!



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