From Jag35 to YouTuber – with Jehu Garcia – ON THE GO – Episode 70

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In this episode of ON THE GO we talk to Jehu Garcia, the man behind the DSLR accessory company Jag35.

Jehu Garcia started out making 35mm adapter for camcorders at a time when the industry was on the verge of booming significantly. Then came the Canon 5D Mark II, and it really changed the game for everyone.

Jehu Garcia

Jehu tells us how he and Jag35 got a start making their own gear, motivated by the desire to make their footage look more cinematic. His company Jag35 then started focusing on making accessories for the new wave of video-capable DSLRs, and enjoyed a good run for a few years before having to face the multitude of copycat manufacturers coming from the far East. Not only that, but Jehu also faced the difficult situation of downsizing Jag35, a company that at that point consisted mostly of good friends and family.

Jehu has since transitioned to running a very successful YouTube channel of now over 100K subscribers. He tells us how persistence is the key in the struggle to make money doing what you love.

His desire to run a YouTube channel about new environmental technologies such as electric cars and energy came from a deep desire to focus on content creation and storytelling, which took priority over the technical prowess of creating a perfect image. He even says with pride that right now, his camera is set completely to Auto (gasp!).

Make sure you stay tuned for more about Jehu Garcia’s journey in the next episode of cinema5D ON THE GO!

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