Gates Underwater Announce New Housing for RED DSMC2

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Gates Underwater Announce New Housing for RED DSMC2

Gates Underwater Products have announced a new ‘Pro Explore’ housing, specifically for RED DSMC2 cameras.

GoPro-ing in a swimming pool is one thing, but diving with a fully equipped cinema camera into the deep sea is quite another. For example, taking a RED cinema camera underwater is not something you would do without an absolute guarantee of protection for the camera. For that reason, underwater film productions must be performed with a proper, robust, pressure resistant housing, that allows full functionality and access to the main features of the cinema camera.

A company called Gates Underwater Products, which manufactures dive housing for cinema cameras, have announced a new product named “Pro Explore Underwater Housing”. It is a dedicated, purpose built underwater motion imaging acquisition tool, for the RED DSMC2 platform.

Here is an example of Gates’ housing, taken from RED’s Instagram:

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Happy Shark Week everyone! I’m Andy Brandy Casagrande IV (@abc4explore), a wildlife cameraman and SharkFinbassador and I'm taking over @RedDigitalCinema to help inspire you to care about sharks! I’ve been filming & studying sharks intensely for the past 15 years and I've come to learn that sharks are polite and intelligent creatures, with countless misconceptions about them. Great White Sharks in particular are a keystone species and inherently critical to the health and balance of our global ecosystems. This shot was captured on my head-cam and shows a Great White Shark coming for a closer look at the WEAPON 8K S35 in @gates.underwater housing, not because it’s a malicious blood-thirsty-sea-monster, but simply because it’s a happy & smiley Great White Shark! Humans can coexist with Sharks! • [Post 1/7 from @abc4explore] • ###SharksAreNotBad #LoveSharks #SaveSharks #CoexistWithSharks #SharkWeek #abc4explore

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The Gates Underwater ‘Pro Explore’ Key Features Include:

  • Expedition ready, ‘Pro Explore’ packs tight and travels light.
  • Latched rear shell for fast media / battery change.
  • Full camera and lens management, via housing controls and ‘REDMOTE’ controller.
  • Tailored design for the RED DSMC2, for the finest user experience, including 14 assignable buttons to access *anything* on the camera.
  • Compact PL and all DSLR lenses readily supported.
  • Diverse V-Lock battery support, including REDBRICK.
  • Stackable Port Rings (SPR’s) cover a wide range of lenses with one base set.
  • Surface SDI and Gig-E options for topside DP viewing or AC camera control.
  • Surface, close-range wireless connectivity with full control.

Watch the video below to explore one of Gates’s products, installation and basic operation:

Price and availability

The Price of the ‘Pro Explore’ is to be announced in late 2017 but it’s estimated to be in the range of most of the Gates’ products, which are very highly priced (above $15,000).

Should you use this setup for underwater cinematography missions, or would you rather choose to go cheap and take the GoPro option?

Is this something for you? Tell us in the comments below!

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