How the SIGMA fp Camera is Being Built – Behind the Scenes

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The SIGMA fp camera is now shipping and we had a chance to get a closer look at the full production line. I hope you’ll enjoy watching this short tour as much as I’ve enjoyed filming it!

Ready to be shipped. A new shiny SIGMA fp camera at the assembly room

Well, I know. It is almost becoming a habit by now… Visiting SIGMA’s Aizu factory is not new for cinema5D, but guilty as we are, we just find it fascinating to witness the process of assembling those cameras and see the dedication and seriousness of the people that are behind building the equipment we use (or might use soon), first-hand.

Looking at the IR cut filter (Image source: cinema5D)

I’m glad to be able to share this footage with you guys. The real value of those trips is the ability to better connect between us – the users – and the manufacturer(s).

Besides, I promised to do my best and come again to visit the fp camera line once production starts, and promises must be fulfilled, so here I am!

SIGMA fp quality control (Image source: cinema5D)

I only had very little time to document the full assembly line, but I guess the footage still brings a rather clear picture regarding the precision of assembly and quality control. I also wanted to document the final stage of packaging, but at the point in time of filming this, that part of the production line has been held back due to waiting for the final camera firmware update to arrive. Speaking of which, ALL of the already built cameras are treated one by one to update their firmware by inserting an SD card, and right after, they are ready for packaging and delivery.

SIGMA fp cameras ready to be moved for packing (Image source: cinema5D)

While being on the subject of SIGMA’s fp camera – if you have’t done so already, why not check out our comprehensive fp camera review? You can do so by clicking here.

I’ll end this short article with a personal note and take the opportunity to thank SIGMA’s team for having me in their factory (once again), dedicating their time to patiently walk me through the assembly line. Thank you!

Man at Work

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