Huge Time Saver – Kessler Kwik Plate Adapter For MōVI

Huge Time Saver - Kessler Kwik Plate Adapter For MōVI

Kessler has unveiled a simple new product that will prove to be a huge time saver for MōVI operators. The Kessler Kwik Plate Adapter For MōVI is an Arca Swiss-based plate, enabling you to switch between gimbal and other grip accessories in seconds.

I’ve always been a firm believer in refining your plate solution on set; if you’re switching a plate on a camera or grip accessory mid-shoot, you’re setup is wrong.

Having one plate for all is a pretty well-known technique. Pick a plate type, stick an adaptor on every piece of grip kit you own, job done.

Manfrotto offer a very cheap solution for this in their 577 adaptor and 501 plates. Kessler has been making a more mature, snap-lock system with much more widely-adopted Arca Swiss plates for some time also.

A sticking point for me however has always been the question of your gimbal system.

Gimbals, even more so than tripod systems, have specific plates for mounting and balancing. Sure, you can also add an adaptor plate to you gimbal to make a switch seamless, but this directly contradicts the primary objective of any camera setup for a gimbal – getting things as small and light as possible.

Kessler has designed a simple and very effective solution that doesn’t involve adding bulk to your gimbal, more specifically your MōVI M5 or MōVI Pro.

The Kessler Kwik Plate Adapter For MōVI is a long Arca Swiss plate with a twist. It functions the same as a normal Arca Swiss plate does (compatible with the Kessler Quick Release Adaptor) but the underside of the plate bolts straight to your MōVI.

To do this you simply replace the receiving foot on your MōVI with the Kessler one and you’re good to go.

You can now use the same plate to mount to your MōVI, tripod, slider, crane, monopod.

Not just a Quick Release

Whilst this product is very, very handy to have for MōVI operators, it’s not revolutionary. Others have tried to solve the quick adaption between grip and gimbals before.

As mentioned, you can add a quick release to your gimbal, but it adds weight and bulk.

1A tools went the other way and designed a tripod mount to work with your MōVI plate. Here’s why I think this solution is better.

Firstly, this is an Arca Swiss plate. Kessler is not the only one to utilize this plate specification – Wooden Camera, Zacuto, SmallRig, Really Right Stuff, the 100+ Amazon mini brands all use these plates, so it’s a well-adopted plate system.

The second comes from experience as a MōVI operator, one others may overlook – the fact that you can properly mate your camera to plate with this system. MōVI plates are restricted to 1/4″ 20 threads, with the MōVI M5 plate often restricted to only a single thread due to the selected hole layout.

The Kessler Kwik Plate Adapter For MōVI gives you a full cutout on the plate to mount your 1/4″ 20 and (most importantly) larger and more stable 3/8″ threads anywhere you want.

Larger cameras like the Alexa Mini and RED cry out for this; you can now refine plate location on the bottom of the camera as well as it being fully secure.

Another nice feature is the safety lock function on the Kessler Kwik Plate Adapter For MōVI. The stock MōVI plates have no safety latch in place; if not secured, your camera can slide right off.

The Kessler Kwik Plate Adapter For MōVI has a latch on the plate itself that as standard will prevent your camera from sliding off. You simply press it to release when removing your camera.

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Posted by Kessler Crane® on Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Such a simple product will solve a lot of stability and compatibility woes on set. It’s nice that Kessler has selected a long plate, making the Kessler Kwik Plate Adapter For MōVI a strong contender as your main camera plate even when not using your gimbal.

The Kessler Kwik Plate Adapter For MōVI for M5 and MōVI Pro can purchased right now.

The M5 uses the same plate configuration as the M10 and M15 (the latter are bulkier but with the same plate design), I’ll ask the question whether these are compatible also and will update this article accordingly. despite the Freefly plates being the same, the M10 and M15 are different lengths with different mounting holes, therefore the Kessler Kwik Plate for MōVI M5 is not compatible with other models.

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