Introducing the CineD Gear Guides

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“Which camera should I buy?” – this is definitely the question we’ve been asked the most since CineD (formerly called cinema5D) was founded in 2008.

The thing is, this is not an easy question to answer – because there is not one correct answer to the question itself. We are happy to say that with today’s launch of the CineD Gear Guides, CineD brings the answer(s) to this standard question, based on our audience’s diverse needs.

The Gear Guides are product buying guides, organized around various categories such as budget, purpose, type and recommended kits and can be accessed for free at

The CineD Gear Guides Overview page. Currently we feature the Gear Guides by Budget, to show you the best overview of equipment you can get in a certain budget range.
Product overview page in a CineD Gear Guide
A product overview page in a CineD Gear Guide. More information when you click on each of the products themselves.

Gear Guides categories: Budget, Purpose, Type

The CineD team’s extensive experience with filmmaking gear is endless and as such it allows us to recommend the perfect piece of kit to filmmakers for their individual needs. For example, the Gear Guides “by Budget” enable filmmakers to find a device within a certain price range. The Gear Guides “by Purpose” offer an overview of the best products on the market for travel, landscapes, videos, and much more. The Gear Guides “by Type” help filmmakers to find the best drones, cameras and accessories.

screenshot of the CineD Gear Guide in the Type section category
The first three Gear Guides in the by product type category, starting with action cams, drones, and some monitors.

Personal recommendations from team members: Recommended Kits

In the Recommended Kits section, CineD team members share their individually recommended kits. Each team member at CineD is an experienced filmmaker and shares what equipment they use for their own production and explains precisely the reasons why. For example, our writer Olaf recommends his favorite documentary shooting kit, while Johnnie recommends an easy-to-use streaming kit. 

The CineD team is recommending their personally used kits for various purposes too. We start with six of them for now, the rest of the team will add new Recommended Kits soon.

Related reviews, news and videos linked below products

This new tool guides filmmakers to the piece of gear that fits them best, offers an overview of professional opinions about the listed devices in a category, and conveniently links to all related review and news content on the CineD website, both in video and written form. Because CineD has been reporting about and reviewing filmmaking gear since 2008, there most certainly is already content about most pieces of gear in our database of over 11,000 articles and 2,000 videos!

Product detail page in a CineD Gear Guide.
Product detail page in a CineD Gear Guide. This includes links to buy the product on our sponsors’ sites, descriptions of why we recommend that product in that category, and all related articles and videos on conveniently linked below.

Purchase links to retail partners

And once a decision has been made, the Gear Guides enable filmmakers to click and buy directly from CineD’s global affiliate partners’ web stores, namely B&H, CVP and Fujiya Camera. 

New Gear Guides are continuously added

The Gear Guides section will grow consistently and provide up-to-date information on professional product recommendations, based on filmmakers’ needs. Existing Gear Guides will be updated frequently.

This super simple and broad tool will save filmmakers much time and energy!

To learn more about the new tool please visit the following link:

More new CineD features coming soon

Since our relaunch of the new website just over a year ago, we invested a lot and worked very hard on getting new features ready to really turn CineD into the “Swiss Army Knife for Filmmakers” we always wanted it to become.

The Gear Guides is just the first in a row of fundamental innovations that will come to the CineD site one-by-one very soon. Keep an eye out for more functionality on and beyond our site soon!

Feedback welcome

Since this tool is meant to assist filmmakers in making faster and better choices, we are open to suggestions. Please feel free to get in touch with us about any ideas or feedback that can benefit the CineD audience. 

Enjoy exploring the Gear Guides – Your Compass through the Equipment Jungle, entirely free.


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