Is Adobe CS6 imminent? – CS5.5 Production 53% off

February 15th, 2012 Jump to Comment Section

I just received news that the Adobe CS 5.5 Production Premium suite is 53% off (link).

It loos like the end of the CS5.5 life-cycle is near, despite the fact that previous rumors and the NAB show in April would make a May 2012 release more credible.

Adobe hasn’t said much about After Effects or Premiere CS6 yet, but they have released a blog post about the top feature requests for CS6 in the field of interest online section.

As Jeff Riegel put it: “I don’t think anyone can make any future buying decision on a blog post (and an upgrade that addressed all 16 of these requests would be beyond huge) but it seems likely that this is more than a subtle hint at what we might expect out of AE CS6.”

Top 16 After Effects feature requests:

• import of AAF files
• keyboard shortcut editor [hopefully better than the one in Premiere Pro]
• Vector Paint effect
• grouping layers in the Timeline panel [Yes please!]
• variable-width mask feather
• saving projects backward so that they can be opened by a previous version of After Effects
• scopes (waveform and vector) [should be there already]
• better handling of image sequences
• extrusion of vector graphics
• GPU/CUDA acceleration [double Yes please! Mercury engine in AE]
• scaling: better algorithms and ability to choose
• nodal compositing [To really play with the big boys]
• custom zoom values
• import of 3D objects
• After Effects for Linux
• bones and inverse kinematics within Puppet effect

Adobe has recently also shown off some new features for Photoshop CS6 including “Content Aware Move”:

Now the final question that remains to be asked is: Will CS6 be cheaper if you buy the discounted CS5.5 with a later upgrade to CS6?

Adobe Production Premium Suite CS5.5 (mac) $799
Adobe Production Premium Suite CS5.5 (pc) $799

Premiere standalone is also off:
Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 (mac) $525
Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 (win) $525

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