K-Tek Stingray Backpack and Utility Hip Pack – Custom Made for Sound Recordists

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K-Tek presented their KSBP1 Stingray backpack and KSUHP1 Stingray utility hip pack during NAB 2019. We talked with Brenda Klemme from K-Tek and asked about the features of those two products. Both K-Tek Stingray backpack and hip pack are available now.

For sound recordists and many filmmakers, K-Tek is a well-known company. They offer a variety of audio gear from boom poles, mounts, clips, windscreens to cables and so on. K-Tek announced two new products – Stingray backpack and utility hip pack already at the end of last year. During this year’s NAB, the company showcased these two products. What are their key features?

K-Tek KSBP1 Stingray Backpack

The K-Tek Stingray backpack is designed to make traveling to recording locations easy and convenient. It features multiple storage pockets, a hidden laptop compartment, and a built-in stealth rain cover. The backpack is fully adjustable and customizable featuring many MOLLE attachment points for additional gear. A strong and lightweight internal frame structure makes the versatile Backpack durable, substantial and protective.

K-Tek Stingray Backpack. Source: K-Tek

Perhaps one of the best features of the bag is the docking area in the middle. Prepacked mixer/recorder bag simply slides into the docking area and it is secured for transport. It can accommodate Stingray Small, Medium, Large and similar sized mixer/recorder bags. The backpack does not include the mixer/recorder bag – it needs to be purchased separately.

The two lower storage pockets are large enough to each store one small K-Tek Gizmo Bag while leaving extra space for a battery or a fuzzy windscreen. There are various accessories that can be attached to the backpack (sold separately) and enhance its functionality. For example, the boom cup holder or the tension straps.

K-Tek KSUHP1 Stingray Utility Hip Pack

The K-Tek Stingray hip pack features wide waistbelt and removable thigh-strap to ensure it stays in place like a thigh holster. It can, however, also be worn like a traditional fanny pack or even across the shoulder.

K-Tek Stingray Hip Pack. Source: K-Tek

There are two large main compartments that feature various storage pouches for many accessories. A dedicated organizer offers quick access to pens, medium scissors, and screwdrivers. The hip pack is large enough to fit a Sound Devices MixPre-3 or MixPre-6 plus various accessories for ultra-stealth recording.

Although the hip pack was mainly designed for sound utilities and boom operators, other on-set departments like lighting, grip, or camera might find it very useful thanks to its convenience and small size.

Price and Availability

Both products are already available for ordering – links to our partner shops can be found below the article. Price for the backpack is $475 US and for the utility hip pack it is $130 US. According to K-Tek, the Stingray backpack is a limited edition product – sold only while supplies last.

What do you think of Stingray backpack and utility hip pack? Do you have any experience with those products already? Let us know in the comments section below the article.

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