K5600 Lighting Presents the Joker2 Lights

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K5600 Lighting presented their new Joker² lights to the US market during NAB 2018. These lights come in three watt sizes – 400W, 800W and 1600W.

K5600 is an international lighting equipment manufacturer specializing in compact and versatile HMI fixtures. We visited their booth at NAB and asked about their new product line – the Joker² lights. They were first presented to the European market during IBC in September 2017, and this year’s NAB was the opportunity to showcase them for the first time to the US market.

The Joker² comes in three watt sizes – the 400W, 800W and 1600W. These lights are a redesigned version of the older Jokers, which have been widely used for over 20 years in the filmmaking industry. K5600 gathered feedback from its Joker users and incorporated that feedback in their new line. Main improvements of the new Joker2 line are:

  • the ability to easily convert to a tungsten PAR. The Joker² 800 incorporates a plug-in igniter that quickly converts the light from HMI to 2K tungsten.
  • Wireless DMX interface allowing the new ballasts to be controlled from a tablet or smartphone. On/off and dimming control is supported.
  • New three-way axis yoke for more angular flexibility and new improved braking system or better control – system remains in position to support larger light shapers such as light banks, ellipsoid spots and Softubes. There is also a hook added that allows lenses to be kept close to the source.
  • Screw-on ring eliminating the need of tools. The Joker² heads (or Bugs) incorporate a threaded ring that mounts a clear or frosted borosilicate lamp cover (or Beaker). This allows quick and tool-less relamping between 3200K lamps and 5600K lamps.


K 5600 Lighting – Joker² Power supply

Joker² Lights Additional Specs

  • two frequency settings (300Hz or 1000Hz) on the ballast allow for high speed shots.
  • compatibility with a wide range of accessories (like the original Joker lights) – Softube, Big Eye, Multi-bug, etc.
  • new accessory compatible with 400 and 800W fixtures – the Joker² Bug-A-Beam.
  • can be used in two configurations: bare-bulb (offering an even spread without any hotspots; ideal for use in Lightbanks and lanterns) or with the PAR beamer (directional with various beam patterns, features a specular reflector, customizable with a set of four lenses – medium, wide, super wide and frosted fresnel).
  • the 800 and 1600W lamp can be used with two different beamers: the PAR beamer or the zoom beamer (segmented reflector, focusable from 15 to 55 degrees).

According to K5600 Lighting, the lamps are available and ready for delivery now. Pricing depends on the type of kit and also the size of light, of course.

What do you think of the new Joker² lights? Is there a big improvement over the old Jokers? Let us know in the comments below.

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