Kupo Click Stands – Transport and Storage is a Breeze

Kupo Click Stands - Transport and Storage is a Breeze

Kupo Click Stands Feature

Kupo has announced a new line of handy interlocking light stands. Kupo Click Stands come in 7′ & 8′ heights, air cushioned and interlock in a variety of directions to offer flexibility when storing and transporting.

Kupo Click Stands

Although there were no big camera announcements at NAB, the sheer volume of other news meant that less sexy products like a funky light stand got lost. With the dust now settling we thought it was a good time to start bringing the ones we liked back into the limelight.

These are certainly cool. The Kupo Click Stands make transporting and storing multiple light stands a breeze thanks to a clever interlocking system that works in a variety of stacking angles.

Kupo Click Stands_1

Quite the contrary to the opening line of the above video, Kupo are not the only ones to come up with a system like this. Manfrotto’s Ranker stands have been around for a while; I’ve owned three for a couple of years, and it’s had a positive effect on how many stands I’ve been able to take with me on set—and therefore how many extra light modifying options I have per setup.

Kupo Click Stands_4

However, the variety of stacking angles is something quite unique to Kupo (Manfrotto ones only stack on top of each other), with the ability to stack side to side and front to back (simultaneously) you have a fantastic solution for moving/storing lots of stands at the same time.

Kupo Click Stands_5

The Kupo Click Stands are air cushioned for controlled retraction, and come with optional carry strap.

Kupo Click Stand Specifications (Blue for 7′ Mini, Green for 8′ Midi)

Load Capacity 8.8lbs (4kg)  11lbs (5 kg)

Sections 4  (both)

Diameter 0.75″ (19mm) (both)

Mount  5/8″ top stud with male 3/8″-16 thread, removable male 1/4″-20 thread (both)

Max Height 84″ (213.36cm) 96″ (243.8)

Folded Length 27.9″ (71cm) 35″ (89cm)

Weight 2.42 lbs (1.1kg) 2.86 lbs (1.3kg)

As per specifications, there are currently two sizes on offer, the 7′ Kupo Mini Click Stand, and the 8′ Kupo Midi Click Stand. From the naming structure and wider competing lines, I wouldn’t be surprised to see more sizing options in the near future.


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