Kyno 1.2 Update – Sub-clipping, FCPX and More Formats

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Kyno 1.2 Update - Sub-clipping, FCPX and More Formats

Lesspain Software have announced an update to their handy footage review, transcoding and workflow software. Kyno 1.2 features added sub-clipping functionality, improved integration with FCPX and a number of new supported formats.

The folks behind Kyno certainly have been busy. After a generous discount on Kyno last month, Lesspain Software have released a new upgraded version with improvements that add to the usability of this software for certain workflows. Let’s take a look at Kyno 1.2, and make sure you stick around until the end article for some discount coupon goodness!


Finding those usable sections of clips is an essential part of editing, and tackling this process in an organised manner guarantees that the creative part of editing will be a lot more fun and streamlined. While there are different ways of approaching sorting through clips in your NLE, you can also use Kyno’s intuitive footage review engine to quickly select those clips that will make it to the next stage of editing.

kyno 1.2

Sub-clip export was already available previously in the software, but Kyno 1.2 adds the option of including “handles” on your selected material, allowing you a bit of wiggle room and space to add transitions when it comes to editing. The addition of handles is now also available in the export, transcoding and rewrapping functionality within Kyno 1.2.

Final Cut Pro X Workflow

Users editing on Apple’s platform will be happy to see that Kyno 1.2 makes it even easier to integrate with this particular NLE. New metadata functionality now allows you to export from Kyno using the keyword collection and favorites ratings, meaning you can now ingest footage that’s rated, tagged and ready to go by the time it gets into FCPX.

Support for More Formats

Kyno 1.2 now supports even more formats, adding to the software’s usability. They include:

  • Playback and transcoding of high-end ProRes MXF and DNxHR footage.
  • Playback and transcoding of AVI footage from medical equipment, such as baby ultrasounds.
  • Playback, logging and transcoding of FRAPS footage, particularly useful for gamers.
  • Playback and transcoding of HAP footage, an open-source codec.
  • Added support for RAW files from Olympus and Fujifilm cameras (ORF & RAF).
  • Added support for XAVC files from FS-5 cameras that were autoconverted by FCPX.
  • Fix playback of some very old AVI files using a Microsoft variant of the Mpeg-4 codec.
  • Added support for playback and transcoding of Apple Core Audio Format.

These are just some of the main improvements of Kyno 1.2, so make sure to check out the release notes to see the full story!

Never heard of Kyno before? Check out the video below to see all it can do. And make sure you use coupon code C5DKYNO12 for a 15% discount on the software, valid until the end of March 2017. Thanks, Kyno!

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