Learn Timelapse Shooting From “House of Cards” Intro Shooter Drew Geraci

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We are proud to announce that the master of timelapse filmmaking himself, Drew Geraci, has created a 2-part course for our education platform MZed. He has worked with some of the best filmmakers in the world, including Steven Spielberg on his recent “West Side Story”, and David Fincher on the famous “House of Cards” intro. This course will come to our education platform MZed at the end of 2022. Learn professional timelapse shooting now!

I first met Drew Geraci over six years ago, when we shot our talk show “ON THE COUCH” in Las Vegas. I invited him to talk about his experience working on “House of Cards” and asked how he ended up getting the gig (here’s also part 2 of that conversation). Anyone who has ever seen that show will have seen Drew’s work: the iconic intro sequence showing Washington DC at dawn, in various timelapse sequences, montaged against dramatic classical music that has become one of the main identifiers of the show.

Learn timelapse shooting from Drew Geraci

Drew Geraci shot the intro timelapse sequence of David Fincher’s “House of Cards”. Image credit: Netflix

Fast forward to 2022, and Drew has made a name as an extremely successful cinematographer. Steven Spielberg hired him to shoot timelapse for his “West Side Story” reboot, and he continues to work on high-profile gigs all over the globe.

There’s really no better person to teach shooting cinematic timelapse than Drew Geraci, which is why we invited him to create a course for our education platform MZed. There are many pitfalls with shooting timelapse, and if you make just one mistake, it can take you A LOT of time to re-do, or you might have even missed that special moment altogether. So it’s good to get proper training, as well as tips and tricks on how to get it right when learning timelapse shooting. Drew has made all mistakes, so you don’t have to, and explains exactly how to avoid them.

Drew Geraci in “Cinematic Timelapse”, our new upcoming course on MZed. Image Credit: MZed/District 7 Media.

The course will be divided into two parts that will be released separately on MZed, and both will be part of the MZed Pro subscription.

First lesson – now free on MZed

Although part 1 won’t be released until the end of December 2022, you can get a sneak peak and watch the first lesson of the course for free on MZed now.

The first lesson of Drew Geraci’s MZed course “Cinematic Timelapse” is already online. Just log in to and watch it for free.

Cinematic Timelapse with Drew Geraci – part 1 contents

Part 1 – Stationary Cinematic Timelapse

  • Intervals & Shutter Speed
  • Camera Setup
  • Choosing your lenses / ND Filters
  • Scouting
  • Setting up your composition
  • Day to night transitions
  • Post Production 1 & 2

Part 2 will deal with moving timelapse, and it will be released in 2023.

You won’t need much to get started with this course, only a mirrorless camera with an intervalometer (either built-in or separately if needed), a stable tripod, and a license for DaVinci Resolve (which is free in its basic version) and/or Adobe CC.

From Drew Geraci’s “Cinematic Timelapse” course, soon on MZed. Image credit: MZed/District 7 Media

Learn Timelapse with MZed Pro

With over 700 lessons, totaling nearly 400 hours of filmmaking education, MZed Pro is already a spectacular deal. With this new Cinematic Timelapse course, which will become automatically available as soon as it gets released, MZed Pro is an even better deal. You’ll get 12 months to watch every course available in the MZed Pro library, plus any new course that gets added during your subscription.

Ready to Join? Click here to get started.

Here’s a quick summary of the MZed Pro subscription:

  • Over 700 high-quality lessons spanning nearly 400 hours of learning. Plus many more courses are on the way.
  • Highly produced courses from educators who have decades of experience and awards, including a Pulitzer Prize and an Academy Award.
  • Exclusive access to videos and master classes from ARRI Academy and The American Society of Cinematographers (ASC).
  • Unlimited access to stream all the content during the 12 months.
  • Offline download and viewing with the MZed iOS app.
  • Purchasing the courses outright would cost over $8,000.
  • 7-day money back guarantee if you decide it’s not for you.

Full disclosure: MZed is owned by CineD

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