Anamorfake It Until You Make It Course – Now on MZed

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Anamorfake It Until You Make It Course - Now on MZed

If you can’t justify the cost of anamorphic lenses or adapters, but you still want to play around with the anamorphic look, you’re in luck. Anamorphic extraordinaire Tito Ferradans is back with another video series – along with an ebook guide – and this time it’s all about “faking” the anamorphic look without breaking the bank.

Anamorfake It Until You Make It” is now available to stream on MZed, and as an exclusive bonus, MZed Pro members can download the companion ebook as well as bonus materials for free.

How and why fake the anamorphic look?

While there’s no replacement for real anamorphic glass, that enables you to get that ultra-wide shot without an ultra-wide angle look, there are a few ways to get some of the anamorphic looks with the gear you may already have.

For starters, you can simply add letterbox and flare effects in post-production. In the ebook guide, Tito walks you through the process that he uses to fake the anamorphic look in the editing phase.

But if you want to mimic the anamorphic look in camera, there are ways to add oval inserts in front of your lens, in a way that gives you that anamorphic bokeh without losing too much light.

Not convinced yet? Here’s a short film Tito made using only the Anamorfake lens mods and post-production techniques.

Opening the Door. Source: MZed

Anamorfake It Until You Make It – lesson descriptions

At over two hours long, this course has a wealth of info on how to fake an anamorphic look. Here’s a preview of what the lessons illustrate:

Why Anamorfake It? A Cheap Option for the Anamorphic Look

How do you craft the anamorphic look without using any anamorphic glass? And why? Because it’s cheaper, faster, and maybe even easier than the traditional anamorphic path.

The Anamorphic Look Off The Shelf! Cheap Anamorfake Options

is anamorphic worth this much? - Tito Ferrandas
Is anamorphic with this much? Image source: MZed

These are most of the solutions on the market for “anamorfaking” your visuals – and they’re all cheaper than anamorphic adapters.

Faking Anamorphic Lens Flares in Camera

We hit peak lens flare - Tito Ferrandas
Faking Anamorphic Streak. Image source: MZed

Let’s take a look at all of the non-anamorphic techniques you can use to create streak flares in-camera. The budget goes from $2 to $200 with plenty of options in between that you can start using right now.

Make Any Lens “Anamorphic” – Modifications and Oval Inserts

Craft the Anamorphic Look on the cheap! - Tito Ferrandas
Craft the Anamorphic Look on the cheap! Image source: MZed

This lesson goes off the deep end on how to choose the best lenses for faking the anamorphic look, and how to design oval inserts in a way to give you the best results in performance and light loss.

Modifying Rokinon / Samyang Lenses

Anamorfake any Lens - Tito Ferrandas
Anamorfake any Lens. Image source: MZed

It’s time we start modifying some Rokinon / Samyang lenses to deliver the anamorphic look with oval bokeh. In this lesson, you’ll find detailed instructions to open and modify seven lenses.

Vintage Anamorphic Look by Modifying Contax Zeiss Lenses

In this lesson, you’ll find detailed instructions on how to open and modify six Contax Zeiss lenses.

Creating the Anamorphic Look in Post – Aspect Ratio, Lens Flares, Distortion, and more

Add it in Post - craft the anamorphic look - Tito Ferrandas
Craft the Anamorphic Look. Image source: MZed

How do you fake the anamorphic look in your editing software? In this lesson, Tito talks about aspect ratio, lens flares, distortion, and more.

Mixing Anamorphic Lenses + Anamorfake Techniques to Boost Your Visual Style

Anamorphic + Anamorfake mixing both worlds - Tito Ferrandas
Mixing both Worlds. Image source: MZed

Go behind the scenes of a short film production as Tito shows you how you can mix anamorphic lenses and anamorfake techniques to add a unique style to your visuals.

BONUS: What’s a HYBRID Anamorphic Lens? All about Vantage MiniHawks

What are Anamorphic Hybrid Lenses? - Tito Ferrandas
What are Anamorphic Hybrid Lenses? Image source: MZed

After covering a ton of cheap methods for crafting the anamorphic look without anamorphic glass, Tito takes a dive into a bottomless budget approach with the MiniHawks, the world’s fanciest anamorfake lenses.

BONUS: Opening the Door – A Short Film Faking The Anamorphic Look

“Opening The Door” is a short to showcase the anamorphic look without using anamorphic glass. Tito and his crew used various modified lenses and post-production tricks to create the visuals here.

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Image source: MZed

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