Light L16 – 16 Cameras in One Body, 52 Megapixel Stills

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Light L16 - 16 Cameras in One Body, 52 Megapixel Stills

The Light L16 uses a new approach to folded optics design. It packs DSLR quality into a slim camera body with 16 individual cameras/sensors that automatically maps the images into a high-quality 52 megapixel photo.

The Light L16 features 16 individual cameras, 10 of them firing simultaneously. It captures a shot at multiple fixed focal lengths. The images are computationally fused to create a high-quality image with up to 52 megapixel resolution. The camera has a built-in, 35-150mm true optical zoom.


Using depth-mapping technology, the Light L16 lets you adjust focus and depth of field after a photo is taken, all the way to f/1.2.

The biggest concern with this technology, is due to the lenses being apart macro photography would be near-impossible. However, the minimum focus is 10cm at wide angle (35mm) and 1m at telephoto (150mm).

The camera will supposably ship with a 128GB onboard storage.

No word about video capabilities of this camera unfortunately, it seems to do only stills.

UPDATE: The Light L16 Camera will shoot video up to 4K with optical zoom from 35-150mm equivalent focal length.

L16 Image

Sample image taken with Light L16

It is difficult to tell whether the quality of the L16 is good or not. As a standalone device, I think it is expensive. However, if one were to merge this technology with devices that everybody uses on a day-today basis, it could be very exciting. This technology should get phone giants Apple and Samsung rocking their chair. An iPhone or Android Phone with this feature would be very cool.

The L16 will only be available in spring 2016. The Light L16 will cost $1699, if you reserve it today you will get a $400 discount, totalling to $1299 (LINK).

Light image exporter


Also check out this interesting write-up over at The Verge, with more “behind the camera” details like this shot.

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