LiteGear LiteMat Spectrum 2023 Refreshed Lights Explained

LiteGear is known for their high-end LiteMat LED lights, and at NAB 2023, we talked to Chad Tiller from LiteGear, who explained the new generation of their LiteMat Spectrum lights. The new lights feature improved electronics, a new size, and a new and improved dimmer for better low-end dimming.

At NAB 2023, LiteGear refreshed their popular LiteMat Spectrum line of LED lights. The LiteMats “Spectrum 2023” are still available in the familiar sizes – Spectrum 1, Spectrum 2, Spectrum 2L, Spectrum 3, and Spectrum 4, and now a new size joins the lineup – the Spectrum 8. In 2023, they won the “Product of the Year” award at NAB Show for the second time, with their previous win taking place in 2019.

LiteMat Spectrum 8

LiteGear LiteMats family of led lights
LiteMats Spectrum lineup including the largest Spectrum 8. Image credit: LiteGear

What’s new this year is the large Spectrum 8, which measures 40″ x 40″ (1015.5mm x 1015.5mm), but still only weighs 21.1 lbs (9.6 kg). The refreshed light heads feature a more robust construction, making them more durable.

LiteDimmer Spectrum AC/DC

LiteGear LiteDimmer Spectrum AC/DC
NAB Show “Product of the Year” 2023 award next to the LiteDimmer Spectrum AC/DC. Image credit: CineD

Also new in 2023 is the LiteDimmer Spectrum AC/DC. These dimmers not only have a revised design but also include upgraded electronics that improve low-end dimming, which had affected the color rendition. As the name also implies, these new dimmers are AC and DC compatible. You can power the lights with mains power or 3-pin XLR to power from a 48V battery. The power supply is now built into the enclosure.

LiteGear LiteDimmer AC/DC new interface
Prototype of new LiteDimmer AC/DC. Image credit: CineD

There are now two sizes of dimmers available for the Spectrum lights:

  • 200W LiteDimmer for all Spectrum lights up to Spectrum 4
  • 400W LiteDimmer for Spectrum 8

The new products are backwards compatible, so you can use new dimmers with existing heads and old dimmers can also control new heads. The upgraded electronics will only be available on the Spectrum 2023 products, of course.

LiteDimmer Spectrum 2023 connectors
Connectors on the new LiteDimmer Spectrum AC/DC. Image credit: LiteGear

New features of the new dimmers:

  • RJ45 for ACN
  • 5-pin XLR for DMX
  • built-in power supply
  • large handle with both for perfect balancing when hanging the dimmer

Also gone are the days of the “do not unplug fixture while it’s under load” stickers that used to be on the Spectrum 2019 products. With the help of the new electronics, you don’t have to worry about striking under load anymore.

Price & availability

The new Spectrum 2023 products are available for pre-order and will ship in July 2023.

The LiteMat Spectrum 8 2023 comes in a kit that costs $9,190 USD and includes the head, new dimmer, cables, accessories like the poly skirt and diffusions, and a carrying bag.

  • LiteMat Spectrum 4 (2023): $5,690 USD
  • LiteMat Spectrum 3 (2023): $5,090 USD
  • LiteMate Spectrum 2L (2023): $4,490 USD
  • LiteMat Spectrum 2 (2023): $4,490 USD
  • LiteMat Spectrum 1 (2023): $3,790 USD

LiteGear is continuing to sell the first generation lights (designated Spectrum 2019), which are still great lights, despite the older electronics.

You can find more information about LiteGear products at

Do you own LiteGear lights and are you planning to upgrade your dimmers or lamp heads? Do the new improvements justify buying new LiteMats for the first time? Leave us a comment and let us know what you think!

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