Live Panel: Virtual Reality & 360° Video Discussion

Live Panel: Virtual Reality & 360° Video Discussion

EDIT: The live stream is over. You can watch a recording of the stream below.

Today at 2pm EDT / 8pm CEST /7pm BST, B&H is going to stream a live panel discussion about Virtual Reality and 360 degree cinematography and we are happy to support the event by embedding the live stream right here.

It’s been the topic of the year at NAB 2016 for sure, and we are also about to release a series of ON THE COUCH podcasts and discussion videos on that same subject.

The live stream discussion

The single most important factor in VR will be content. But who will create it, and how? Tune in as our distinguished panel discusses practical solutions for creating virtual reality content, the brave new world of gear required to produce it and virtual reality’s impact on the future of filmmaking.

Be sure to see the discussion streamed right here on this page!

The guests

Alex Chechelnitsky – Head of Production, Koncept VR
Ben Nunez – President, Littlstar
Douglas Sonders – Co-Founder, 8112 Studios
PJ Morreale – Head of YouVisit Studios

Learn more about the guests on the B&H event page!




Understanding 360° Video and VR.
Introduce each category and explain the key differences that define them

The Challenges of Creating 360° Video.
Solving stitching problems, troubleshooting rigging and staging, storytelling parameters, displaying video, and beyond.

The Emergence of Virtual Reality.
A closer look at VR and 360 headsets and their role in shaping creators’ and user’s experiences.

The Future of the Medium and the Technology.
We’ll ask and answer the following:What do all these new options mean for creators? What kind of language exists now, if at all, or will we have to invent new, visual languages for 360° video and VR as we move on? VR requires advanced hardware to fully enjoy the experience. How will this affect the landscape 5, 10, 20 years down the line?

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