“Palette”: Modular hardware palette for colour correction and editing

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"Palette": Modular hardware palette for colour correction and editing

Palette Featured Image

As a filmmaker, like many I spend hours/days/months sat at my computer working on projects. Whilst I’ve gotten fairly savvy at keyboard shortcuts for NLE editing platforms, photo imaging software and colour correcting programs there’s only so fast I can work whilst operating a mouse/track pad and keyboard.
Besides a graphics tablet, there’s little other options without spending a lot of money investing in hardware which is either limiting in compatibility or proprietary to select software.

Enter Palette, a current Kickstarter campaign showcasing a modular hardware interface in an array of knobs, buttons and faders. Watch the below video for more:

This looks very interesting indeed. I spend far too long glancing between my keyboard and monitor, tweaking the contrast/color of an image just that little bit to get it perfect. I can see the use of physical hardware like this coming in extremely handy; it will enable you to keep your eyes on the screen whilst feeling for your modules, vastly speeding up the process.

Palette Wood Finish

The device is powered by one single USB cable. This connects directly to a power module that has an OLED screen displaying the application Palette is controlling. The rest of your setup is then completely customizable; add as many faders, buttons and knobs as you like. There is discussion of a track ball in the pipeline also which will be fantastic for color correction.

Palette has disclosed that they will release a software development kit for hackers/engineers to offer support for other applications and programs.  They are looking to provide immediate support on release for the Adobe Creative Suite, Abelton, Traktor and any other shortcut providing software such as Spotify, Skype etc. Full support for PremierPro and SpeedGrade will make this a very handy device.

Palette RGB LEDs
Each Palette module comes with built-in controllable RGB LEDs. The “disco” feature of this is perhaps more reserved for live music use, but color coding your modules could come in very handy. The modules are currently available in two finishes: matte aluminium and hand finished wood.

The campaign currently has just over a month to go, Palette Woodand is just shy of 70% of their £100,000 goal. Pledges start from $5, and escalate to $5000. The most attractive rewards will be the Apprentice and Professional kits, which start at $149 and $399 respectively.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s included in those kits:

Apprentice kit: 1 power, 2 button, 2 dials, 1 slider

Professional kit: 1 power, 4 buttons, 5 dials, 6 sliders


Currently, you cannot customize your module bundles, as the structure of the Kickstarter reward scheme is limited. However, Palette assures that should the campaign be successful, purchasing will become a lot more flexible as purchase is.

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