Multi Turret – Three Lenses at Once on Your Camera

During NAB 2019, we met Ian Kerr that showed us his one-of-a-kind concept called the Multi Turret. It’s not indeed a “new” concept, as lens turret were very popular back in the Super 16mm film days. But nowadays, there is nothing similar in the market. Let’s take a closer look at it!


Multi Turret’s Retro Style

If you are not familiar with what a turret is, it’s three lenses attached to the camera at once. By turning the ring, you can quickly switch between lenses. For example, you can go from a 50mm prime lens to a compact zoom or a wide angle lens.

I remember shooting with a lens turret on an S16 Bolex H16 film camera when I was in film school. It is a fun memory and having the ability to switch lenses on the fly is a nice concept. In our digital age, nothing similar exists, until the Multi Turret.


Three Lenses, One Camera

If you are a documentary shooter, an event filmmaker, or someone that needs a wide zoom range, you probably lose quite some time on every shoot changing lenses. In certain situations, this lens change can make the difference between getting the shot or letting it disappear forever.

To solve this problem, Ian Kerr designed the Multi Turret, that is compatible with all Sony E-Mount cameras. The back of the Multi Turret can be adapted to PL mount if needed. That way, it should support Red or Arri cameras in the future.

Multi Turret Inventor Ian Kerr CSC

On the front, there is 3 EF lens mount. Also, you can change the front mount to Nikon F mount, PL mount, or Leica M for example as long as the flange distance is correct.

The prototype allows full communication and control of EF mount lenses by Sony E-Mount cameras. So, aperture adjustments, lens stabilization, and autofocus will work just like a Metabones adapter. Ian also expects PL lenses metadata to communicate with the camera through the Multi Turret.

The Multi Turret is attached to the camera body lens mount and an additional bracket. There are a few bolts to support the extra weight of the system and not break the camera lens mount. Ian told us that you could install it within 30 seconds.

Pricing and Availability

The Multi Turret is in the prototype stage, so it is not available to buy. Ian Kerr is looking for business partners to develop the product. So, don’t hesitate to contact Ian via his website if you know someone or want to share your improvement ideas with him.

What do you think of the Multi Turret concept? Do you think it can be useful to you? Let us know in the comments down below!


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