NAB 2014 video – Sony’s motor driven cine zoom lens is a concept to be looking forward to

April 14th, 2014

sony_cinelensHere is a new lens concept for a cine-powerzoom lens by Sony which few people noticed during NAB. Luckily our friends from nextwavedv notified me about the intriguing new product (see their Sony A7s coverage below).

sony_roadmapThe interesting thing about this lens is it’s full frame 4K cine optical quality and the mere fact, that it is a cine lens with an optical image stabilizer. If I’m not mistaken this is the first of its kind.
On top of that the lens will feature a built-in zoom motor for control via a zoom rocker.

This is kind of a merge between a traditional cine lens and a high end photo lens, it combines the best of both worlds. Unfortunately there is no word on pricing and availability yet, but I’m guessing the lens is going to hit us at the end of 2014.
The product exhibited was only a 3D print by the way.

On the left you can see Sony’s roadmap in terms of full-frame lenses revealing 6 more coming in 2015.


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FocusPulling (.com)
MemberApril 14th, 2014

The problem is that Sony for some strategically confounding reason has gone back into the zone of severely over-charging for new products. This will be such a rip-off that it won’t make sense to purchase in lieu of other possible lens modifications to E-mount.

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