NANLITE PavoTube II 6C Announced – Full RGBWW Battery Powered Small Tube Light

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Lighting manufacturer NANLITE,  the sister company of Ledgo, just announced the PavoTube II 6C —  a small battery powered RGBWW fixture (25cm / 9.8 Inch long) that the manufacturer promises will pack lots of punch for its size. The PavoTube II 6C also marks the start of a second phase for the PavoTube line as a whole.  Details on the PavoTube II 6C below: 

NANLITE PavoTube II 6C Image Credit: NANLITE

NANLITE promises a CRI of 95 and a TLCI of 97 for the LED PavoTube II 6C. The fixture features a variable color temperature that stretches from 2700K-7500K with green and magenta adjustments in CCT mode, and thousands of selectable light colors in HSI mode.

Two 1/4 20″ points at either end of the fixture along with magnets give you flexibility for mounting. NANLITE also has additional accessories available for mounting the tube including a baby pin adapter, light stand adapter and a pivoting stand mount. Two additional accessories allow you to mount the light in vertical configurations as well.

NANLITE PavoTube II 6C. Image Credit: NANLITE

What ships with the PavoTube II 6C:
PavoTube II 6C x1
USB cable x1
Wrist strap x1
Metal plate x3
Carry bag x1

NANLITE PavoTube II 6C. Image Credit: NANLITE

15-pre programmed effects come baked into the light and the full list is below:

Image Credit: NANLITE

The most interesting thing about the PavoTube II 6C may be the addition of a built-in battery to compete with products like the Titan Tube from Astera and Digital Sputnik’s Voyagers. The manufacturer claims one hour of battery time at 100% output and up to 10 hours at 1% output. A USB-C port allows you to charge the device and update firmware.

Manufacturer Provided Illumination Specs:

2700K:          0.5m-572lux;  1m-149lux;  2m-39lux

3200K:          0.5m-644lux;  1m-168lux;  2m-44lux

5600K:          0.5m-702lux;  1m-183lux;  2m-48lux

6500K:          0.5m-711lux;  1m-186lux;  2m-48lux

7500K:          0.5m-688lux;  1m-174lux;  2m-45lux

Weighing in at just over half a pound the feature packed PavoTube II 6C promises to be a worthy flagship for a coming new line of PavoTube’s from NANLITE. We just received word that NANLITE is sending us a fixture for review, so stay tuned for a full review of the PavoTube II 6C in the near term. 

What do you think about that new NANLITE mini LED fixture. Have you been using any LEDs from NANLITE in your productions? Please share with us your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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