Canon – late but not never: C300 fringing fix & new C camera?

February 17th, 2013 Jump to Comment Section

Canon finally released an official fix to the colour fringing problem. So far affected cameras had to be sent in for service.

Canon’s large sensor video cameras including HDSLR’s were never perfect from the start, but eventually Canon always fixed something. You might remember that time when the Canon 5D mark II had no manual mode and we had to cope and lock down the automatic mode somehow (Good old times…). We observe that eventually Canon delivered manual mode.

This is how Canon seems to have dealt with most things we’ve initially been unhappy with on our cameras. Sooner or later Canon seems to fix or come up with a camera that is better. Not right away, but with time.

Here’s the fix for the well known fringing problem that some C300 users reported. We heard that C300’s that were sent in could be fixed via a special firmware upgrade at Canon.
Below you can see a sample of the issue that came up in high contrast scenes and presented itself in green or magenta tones along hard edges.

Canon have now released a firmware to fix the problem. It can be downloaded here: LINK

Also interesting are rumors about a new Canon EOS C camera that is said to be presented at NAB this year.
Something situated even “under” the C100, some call it the EOS C50.

Canonrumors says:
We’ve had two mentions of prototypes existing out in the wild, but no word yet as to whether or not they will become a consumer product.

It would be a valid move by Canon to make the C line of cameras even more accessible.
Let’s see what NAB at the beginning of April will bring. cinema5D will be there and keep you updated on what’s coming.

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