Panasonic EVA1: RAW, Slo-Mo & Removable IR Filter – Nela Pertl & Luc Bara – ON THE GO – episode 52

In this second episode about the Panasonic EVA1 camera, we talk to Nela Pertl and Luc Bara about the differences between the Varicam line and the Panasonic EVA1, slow motion functionality, the Raw module, the EF mount and the removable IR filter.

We take a drive through Hollywood with Panasonic’s Nela and Luc to talk abut the Eva1

My first question: Why is it not called a Varicam while it shares so many of the features with its bigger siblings? Is it positioned in between the GH and the Varicam line?

We touch on the slow motion functionality of the camera, which is going to be 240fps, but apparently only in a windowed cropped mode in 2K and 1080p.

Panasonic is also planning to release a Raw module to go with the camera in order to be able to output Raw video. Sounds similar to Sony with the FS7.

Also – and that is a pretty cool feature – there will be a removable IR filter that is supposed to work just like a built-in ND filter – mechanically/electronically (re)movable.

The Panasonic EVA1 doesn’t come with a viewfinder, but only a touch-screen monitor (same as on the GH5), and I asked them why this is the case.

Last but not least, we touch on the fact that the camera records on (fast!) SDXC cards, which are comparatively cheap to buy – and how that can work with the relatively high data rate that we will expect from this camera.

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