Panasonic GH5S Interview – Panasonic’s Head of Imaging Yosuke Yamane-san

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An interview with Yosuke Yamane-san, the head of imaging at Panasonic, and a key person behind the newly announced Panasonic GH5S about the new camera and beyond.

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It was late November. Osaka’s sky was very grey and Panasonic’s headquarter building couldn’t have looked gloomier from the outside – yet the people inside were very warm and welcoming to me. After spending several hours with the team of engineers who were actually behind the development of the new GH5S as well as the marketing team, I met with Yosuke Yamane-san, the division president, to conduct my interview. In his previous duty, Yamane-san was in charge on the development of the original GH5 and Panasonic’s EVA1. Now after some internal restructuring, the GH5S is his new baby.

In the time we spent together, I learned more about what led to develop the new camera, why some components were removed, what to look for with future developments and A LOT more.

I hope you will find this interview informative. Also, if you are interested in the new Panasonic GH5S, please take a look at our previous articles: Panasonic GH5S Video Hands-On – Highlights of the New Camera and Panasonic GH5S Footage – Shooting a Mini Documentary  Nino’s low-light comparison between the GH5S and the GH5 will be posted later today.

Below is a rundown of my questions and the time in the video to find them:

0:20 – Where does the new GH5S leave the GH5?
2:30 – Will you consider offering an upgrade plan for GH5 owners?
3:53 – Any Internal concerns that the GH5S will cannibalise the EVA1 sales?
5:18 – Why did you decide to introduce an enhanced camera model?
6:34 – Why was the body IS removed from the GH5S?
7:30- Were any autofocus improvements done for the new camera?
8:15 – What is the future of the Panasonic GH camera line?

If you have additional questions to Panasonic in regards to the new camera, please share them with us in the comment section. We will do our best to get some response to them.

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