Peak Design Travel Line Kickstarter – THE Travellers Travel Bag Ecosystem

Peak Design Travel Line Kickstarter - THE Travellers Travel Bag Ecosystem

Peak Design has hit Kickstarter once again with a new line of products. The Travel Line is a completely modular system, stemming from a one carry-on sized, feature-packed backpack but with a multitude of packing options.

To write in words everything this system can do does no justice, check out the below Kickstarter video for the Peak Design Travel Line.

Peak Design is a textbook Kickstarter success story. A company that has had many campaigns for innovative filmmaking products; you can now buy their gear everywhere.

It’s almost a surprise they still use a crowdfunding program, but if the system ain’t broken…

45L Carry-on Backpack

The Travel Line starts with a 45L Travel Backpack. It is standard carry-on sized and alone, has a host of features:

It can expand, retract, has hidden pockets, side pockets, side loading access, rear loading access, concealable waist strap, luggage pass-through handle, 15” laptop and tablet compatible.

You’ll find a selection of these features in most innovative carry-on bags nowadays; it’s nice to see them all in one for sure.

But where the Travel Line gets interesting is the modular nature.

The feature rich Travel Backpack is actually just a shell; you control what the contents is.

Stripped down, the inside is like a full-sized duffel. You can then add in modules to suit.

Want only camera kit in there? Simply add the full size camera cube.

Want a mix of camera kit and clothes? Select a smaller camera cube, with 1 or 2 other pouches.

Modular Design

The Travel Line is modular in design and broken into units; each internal cube and pouch is a set size.

The largest camera cube is 3 units (fills the Travel Bag). The smallest is 1. You can therefore add a combination of cubes and pouches to suit each trips need.

What’s a Cube and a Pouch?

Peak Design include a large selection of cube/pouch modules for the Travel Line.

The Packing Cubes are designed for clothes and have tear away friendly zips, can expand/compress according to contents and are made of nylon.

The Camera Cubes fit snuggly and clip quickly into your Travel Bag, eliminating the hassle of tearing out dividers and having to reset them every time you want to re-configure.

Side load and lid-less access work alongside the Travel Bag so you can access gear quickly.

Each Camera Cube features the handy flex fold dividers, maximizing gear space. It means you can stack accessories on shorter lenses without risk of damage, or extend/fold the dividers for awkwardly shaped pieces of gear.

Want more? Check out the Travel Line Pouches. Each one oozes trademark Peak Design.. design.

The Tech Pouch offers up an array of sections, pockets and sheaths to keep small items organized.

There’s also an equally satisfyingly organized wash pouch. Once unzipped it splays out nicely for you to quickly access toiletries.

There is also a shoe pouch for… shoes and the Rain Fly that protects your Travel Bag from the elements.

Info overload? Yep, there’s lots of features in there.

The Peak Design Travel Line is a truly a well thought out system – Modular packing is certainly something I can relate to.

Each job is different meaning each requirement for your packing will change. Why should your bag stay the same for every trip?

Kickstarter rewards start from $235 for the Travel Bag, with a host of bundles available up to $450+.

Are you thinking about a new camera bag? It’s not always easy to find the right one. What do you think about the new Peak Design Travel Line?

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