Pinnacle Studio 23 Update For Prosumers Editors

August 16th, 2019
Pinnacle Studio 23 Update For Prosumers Editors

Corel Corporation has introduced an update to its popular video editing software: Pinnacle Studio 23. This new version features loads of new tools typically found on much more advanced NLE such as Multicam editing, video masking, 360 video editing, color grading keyframing, and so on. Let’s take a closer look at it.

The Easy-To-Use Video Editor

If you’re not familiar with Pinnacle Studio, it’s a Windows-only video editing software initially designed for beginners and prosumers users. The idea behind Pinnacle Studio is that everybody should be able to do simple video edits.

The previous Pinnacle Studio versions are easy to use and feature fundamental video editing tools: import, cut, modify your footage a bit, and hit export. It is straightforward and doesn’t feature a ton of sophisticated tools made for professional video editors.

In the end, if you want to edit a family holiday video, you want to get the job done as fast as possible. Indeed, you have other things to do in your life. Most of my friends that need short video edits for a birthday video don’t want to mess with too many tools and features they don’t need/want/understand. They want a video that looks great, they want to get it done quickly, and that they can edit in their spare time.

To do so, you need an affordable NLE that features intuitive tools: this is what Pinnacle Studio is all about.


Pinnacle Studio 23

The new Pinnacle Studio 23 update comes in three different versions: Studio, Studio Plus, and Ultimate. Each version has more tools than the other, and the Pinnacle Studio 23 Ultimate is their flagship video editor.

Pinnacle Studio 23 Ultimate features a lot of new powerful editing tools like:

  • Over 2,000+ effects, titles, and templates included, including effects from NewBlueFX.
  • Three- and Four-Point Editing for more flexibility and precision over your edit.
  • Compatible with HD, 4K, and 360 video footage.
  • You can now have an unlimited number of video/audio tracks.
  • It now has a video masking tool. You can easily enhance or remove elements in your video, blur faces, clone subjects, selectively apply effects to any portion of a clip, layer footage with text or shapes, and so on.
  • Clip Nesting allows you to group multiple clips. Also, you can use the new Multicam tool.
  • You can export the Alpha Channel only.
  • They improved the color grading panel. It’s possible to apply LUTs to your footage and even keyframe your color adjustments. With the “selective vectorscope” you can also key specific area in your video for adjusting skin tones only, for example.
  • And finally, it supports more formats and resolutions.


For a complete list of all the Pinnacle Studio 23 features, you can visit Pinnacle’s website.

Pricing and Availability

Pinnacle Studio 23 is available right now at Pinnacle’s website.

One of the significant advantages of Pinnacle Studio 23 is that it’s relatively inexpensive: the Pinnacle Studio 23 version retails for €59,95, the Studio Plus version is 99,95€, and the Studio Ultimate is 129,95€. No subscription plan, you pay it once, and it’s yours.

Have you ever used Pinnacle Studio to edit a video? What do you think of this new Pinnacle Studio 23 upgrade? Let us know in the comment section!

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William Koehler
August 19th, 2019

Long ago I started with Pinnacle Studio. When I started doing multi-cam, I quickly discovered Studios ability to play back the final edit perfectly, but the final rendered mp4 or DVD audio would be out of sync. I then switched to Sony Vegas and never looked back.

Since I used Studio it has been:
1. Sold to Avid
2. Sold to Corel, its present owner.

Hope it works better than it did.

 Anthony Pierre
Anthony Pierre
August 23rd, 2019

VP user also. They just got audio sync for multicam in VP17. I guess they heard my feature request from VP16.
But I also use Pinnacle Studio. I’ve used their products since 2002 when I couldn’t get the Maxtrox RT2500 to work and went with the less costly DV500Plus. Also used Pinnacle Edition-Avid Liquid.
PS has had it moments with first releases of a version. Best to wait for a bug fix or two. Same with VP. But the feature set is pretty rich considering the price. Especially if you opt for the Ultimate version.
As for MultiCam Editing… I’ve done several music videos with master audio track and several cameras where they lip sync to music over speakers, and not one beat/sync missed in final export.
I know of someone successfully syncing 116GB’s of footage and no problem.

If you are using VP, it was sold from Sony to Magix…

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