Quasar Science LED RGBX Tube Lamps Introduced

Quasar Science introduced new linear LED RGBX tube lamps – the R2 “Rainbow 2” and RR “Double Rainbow”. Both lights come in various lengths and include multiple controllable RGB pixels. The R2 has one row of pixels while RR includes two rows. The lights feature QS Pixel Control Software, Swaptics Interchangeable Lens System, and Quasar’s RAIL Mounting System.

For years, the LA-based lighting company Quasar Science has been offering LED fixtures for filmmakers. At the end of last year, the company announced its new R2 and RR linear LED lamps and the plan was to present them at this year’s NAB. Since the show didn’t happen, we are giving Quasar Science space in our cinema5D Virtual Show. My colleague Graham talked to Ben Dynice from Quasar Science about these new lights.

Quasar Science R2 “Rainbow 2” and RR “Double Rainbow” Linear LED Lamps with RGBX

Quasar Science R2 and RR LED RGBX lights. Source: Quasar Science

The R2 is a successor model to the original Rainbow Linear LED Light tube. It adds a plethora of new features while keeping the same low-profile shape as all the legacy Quasar products. There is now a multi-pixel control available with the R2 for mapping various effects.

Quasar R2 Lamps are available in three sizes:

  • Q25R2 offers 12 pixels with 2′ (23″/59cm) length
  • Q50R2 has 24 pixels with 4′ (47″/120cm) length
  • Q100R2 allows for 48 separate pixels with 8′ (91″/231cm) length

The new RR Linear LED Lights are basically the same lights as the R2, but offering double the width and double the pixels with the same length fixture. It still retains the low-profile shape. The RR “Double Rainbow” LED Light has two rows of pixels – all with pixel selection for maximum control. The RR is offered in two lengths:

  • RR50 at 2′ (23″/59cm) with 20 pixels
  • RR100 at 4′ (46″/117cm) with 48 pixels

Quasar Science RR LED RGBX lights. Source: Quasar Science

Both the RR and R2 feature onboard universal AC power 100-240VAC and auxiliary DC input from 10-26 volts. Both lights score an SSI rating of between 76 (daylight), and 91 (Tungsten), and a CRI/TLCI score of 95+. Quasar improved low-end dimming to get these lights closer to a true 1% intensity.

Like with the previous generation, control is available with wireless DMX through LumenRadio. Now Quasar also added sACN, Artnet, and the ability to be controlled wirelessly through CRMX, Wifi, and Bluetooth. Both lamps also offer a manual interface with an OLED screen and an integrated power button.

Quasar’s QS Pixel Control Software inside each lamp includes over 20 pre-built effects and macros, such as Rainbow, Short Circuit, customizable Emergency Lights, and more. Each pixel can be controlled independently or grouped together. The lamp can, of course, also operate as a single-pixel when needed.

The new Swaptics Interchangeable Lens System is compatible with some optional accessories. The slim diffusor is included with the lights while two swappable lenses, the Light Barrel large diffuser, and the Light Magnifier projection lens, are available for purchase.

With the new LED lights, Quasar Science also introduced the RAIL Mounting System for more versatility while rigging. Both the RR and R2 lights include the QS Slider to mount anywhere along the back of the light and the QS Baby Pin to attach onto the slider. Both the RR and R2 will come standard with a mounting rail down the back of the light, lined with 3/8-16″ and 1/4-20″ mounting points.

RAIL Mounting System. Source: Quasar Science

Quasar Science offers two additional accessories for the RAIL Mounting System that are sold separately:

  • The QS Rotator Block allows users to rotate the light 360 degrees on any mounted 5/8” or 3/8” pin or rod.
  • The attachment to rig V-Mount batteries onto the light.

Price and Availability

Prices for the Quasar R2 Linear LED Lamps were set to $500 for the Q25R2, $750 for the Q50R2, and $1,000 for the Q100R2. With the RR “Double Rainbow” lights, the price has been set to $1,000 for the RR50 and $1,500 for the RR100. All the lights can be pre-ordered now and B&H even has a special 25% off offer – links are below the article. The lamps should start shipping during the summer of 2020.

What do you think about the new Quasar Science R2 and RR lamps? Do you have experience working with previous Quasar lights? Let us know in the comment section underneath the article.

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