Red Giant Annual Sale – 40% Off Only Today

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Red Giant Annual Sale - 40% Off Only Today

Today only, filmmaking software provider Red Giant is holding a 40% off sale on their entire catalog of color grading, color correcting, motion graphics and Mark Cuban backed denoiser software, to name a few. The sale goes live at 8am PST (which is the time we posted this article). Find out more below:  

Red Giant Sale

Most of Red Giant’s software is available as plugins for Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro X and Avid.

Personally, I’ve been a longtime user of many of the plugins found in Magic Bullet Suite 13, especially “Colorista”, “Looks”, “Denoiser”, “Mojo” and “Film”. The Magic Bullet suite is great for adding production value to your footage, in the form of a quick color grade or correction, without having to spend hours tinkering. Of course, if you are the tinkering type or have the time, then there is enough control available to really dive in and mess with those subtle highlights in your shot.

Magic Bullet Suite 13

Adobe Premiere CC “Looks” plugin, part of Magic Bullet Suite 13.

You can read more about Magic Bullet Suite 13 in my previous article here.

I don’t do motion graphics work myself, but if you do then there are a few programs in this sale aimed precisely at you, especially in the aptly named “Effects Suite” and “Keying Suite” — both of which are great for green screen work.

In the “Shooter Suite“, a software package that is particularly useful in the field, the “Offload” program is handy for dumping footage from multiple cameras and makes the job of a DIT a little more stress-free. “Offload” helps back up your precious footage and automatically compares the copy of the file on your drive to the card to make sure no data gets left behind. “Pluraleyes“, also in the “Shooter Suite“, assists with syncing your footage with separate audio files in your editing timeline, and I find that it works better than the built-in sync capability in Adobe Premiere Pro.

So, what does the Red Giant 40% Off Sale get you?

For an absolutely ridiculous car commercial-esque video created by Red Giant walking you through the new pricing on their products on December 6th, watch below:

More details on the sale are outlined HERE, but mercifully there isn’t any fine print. 40% off really is 40% off in this case. Simply head over to and have fun shopping — crowd free.

Which Red Giant program seems useful in your work and might be worth picking up? Let us know in the comments below!

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