Rumor Alert: Nikon D800

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Although Nikon developed the first true HDSLR, Canon’s innovations have left them in the dust except for the D700.

Rumors have been circulating since 2009 of a Nikon D800, but recently, pictures purported to be the D800 hit the net to the delight of Nikon fans everywhere.

Back in 2009, rumors indicated the D800 was Nikon’s attempt to compete with the 5D Mark II.  They also said the D800 will be the “junior sibling” to the D3X  in the same way the D700 relates to the D3.

Last Saturday, Nikon Rumors posted these images along with the stats listed below of the D800:



  • Smaller and lighter than D700
  • Resolution: 7360×4912 (36MP)
  • CF+SD memory card slots
  • Slightly larger display
  • Excellent video quality, better than D3s
  • Video modes: 1080p/30/25/24 and 720p/60/30/25/24
  • AF identical to D3/D700
  • No date for the official announcement
We will report more on the D800 as events unfold, but please tell us what you think about the overdue competitor to the 5D, and what it means in the light of Canon’s release of the Cinema EOS series.

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