Samyang 14mm FE Pricing Announced – A Budget E Mount Full Frame Prime

August 22nd, 2016
Samyang 14mm FE Pricing Announced - A Budget E Mount Full Frame Prime

samyang 14mm_2Back in May, Samyang announced their venture into the world of autofocus optics with the Samyang 50mm FE and Samyang 14mm FE. The Full frame E mount 50mm was released first, and now we’ve finally got pricing on the 14mm.

We’ve gone a bit full-frame, wide-angle mad over here at C5D towers. Check out Nino’s informal look at what Zeiss have to offer in the E-mount full frame sector.

Samyang (Rokinon, Bower, etc, etc…) has now been around for quite some time, and is known as a cheaper lens alternative for all kinds of shooters out there. More recently, they’ve even entered the cinema lens market with their premium Xeen line.

Auto focus was a big differentiator between this popular brand and other big players, but the announcement of these lenses back in May certainly was a big step towards narrowing that gap even more.

The 14mm is an intriguing focal length, as a lot of full frame lens lines top out at 18mm. However,  Samyang decided to push it that little bit further.

samyang 14mm_3

I used the old, fully manual Samyang 14mm EF a long time ago, back before even the Cine versions had been announced. I was not overly impressed, to be frank. There was an abundance of unique distortion that resembled a true connoisseur’s moustache. I hope this new autofocus model is vastly different.

Investigating the build of the lens, it carries the same properties as before: an aperture range of f/2.8-22, and elements/groups of 14/10 respectively. But this doesn’t really tell us a great deal about how these two kinds of 14mm really differ from one another.

Samyang 14mm FE f/2.8 – Full specs:

Aperture Range: f/2.8-22
Construction: 14 Elements in 10 Groups (3 aspherical lens)
Minimum Focus Distance: 0.20m (0.656ft)
Maximum Magnification Ratio: x0.12
Number of Aperture Blades: 7
Maximum Diameter: 85.5mm
Mount: Sony FE/E
Angle Of View: 113.9° (APS-C 89.8°)
Length: 97.5mm
Weight: 505g (with both caps)

Lens Chart:

Samyang 14mm chart

A field of view of 113.9° will certainly excite many shooters out there for its quirkiness. Add that to its relatively cheap price tag, and I’m sure the Samyang 14mm FE will sell well. See the price below.

Who will this sell to? With autofocus becoming more and more popular with certain types of filmmaking, I am sure that one-man-bands, low-key gimbal and/or drone operators will definitely like this. It will also naturally appeal to the people that regularly venture into stills.


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Chris Blankenship
Chris Blankenship
GuestAugust 22nd, 2016

Will stick with my Rokinon 14mm f/2.8 lens.

Marco Zappala
Marco Zappala
MemberAugust 26th, 2016

Will rather go for the zeiss touit 12mm 2.8 emount at this price range…

Palmer Woodrow
Palmer Woodrow
MemberAugust 27th, 2016

Samyang/Rokinon are garbage. If you buy one of these, take a careful look at the results BEFORE using one on a shoot that means anything to you.

I bought their 35mm cine lens and was all excited to shoot with a cine lens instead of an adapted still lens. That was until I looked at footage later and couldn’t figure out why NOTHING was in focus in some shots, regardless of distance from the lens. It wasn’t missed focus; it was shitty optics. Turns out those were the shots done with the Rokinon. They were blurry across the whole frame and rife with ridiculous ghosting. Fortunately I noticed early enough to avoid ruining the entire production. Look at the samples posted by users on the B&H site and you’ll see what I mean.

Everything else I shot with Canon still lenses on the same day with similar settings turned out beautifully.

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