Never Stop Learning – New Cinematic Filmmaking Tutorials from Philip Bloom & More by MZed Pro

Never Stop Learning - New Cinematic Filmmaking Tutorials from Philip Bloom & More by MZed Pro

Online educational platform MZed has just announced its new very affordable MZed Pro subscription, as well as a new course by our colleague and friend, filmmaker Philip Bloom.

MZed Pro – The new subscription for valuable filmmaking tutorials

With a large catalogue of filmmaking and photography video tutorials from some of the industry’s leading professionals – such as directing by Vincent Laforet, storytelling by Alex Buono and lighting by Shane Hurlbut – MZed really offers the opportunity to learn from the very best in various specific fields in the industry.

The new MZed Pro model allows subscribers to gain streaming access to the whole library in the MZed Pro platform for one yearly subscription fee of $299. If you consider that buying the individual courses would set you back over $3,600, you can easily see how the MZed Pro subscription can be a great way to save some money on some incredibly informative content if you are happy with streaming it for a limited time only and not actually downloading the video lessons.

Philip Bloom’s Cinematic Masterclass

In addition to their new subscription service, MZed is also announcing a brand-new course by filmmaker Philip Bloom coming in September 2017. Philip Bloom’s Cinematic Masterclass promises to be an epic 4K journey across the world as Philip explains his particular methods and filmmaking processes. Here is a breakdown of the course:

Episode 0: This free episode is an introduction to the series and includes a section on how to do lens whacking .

Episode 1: Covers all you need to know about cameras, settings and essential kit

Episode 2: Visual storytelling where i will cover composition, lenses, movement and sequences.

Episode 3: Interviews. How to light, record sound and how to actually interview someone.

Episode 4: Slow Motion. How to light it, how to shoot it and what works best.

Episode 5: Timelapse. Everything from setting up your camera to choosing what to shoot, motorised shots, day to night, astro and tilt shift. It covers it all.

Episode 6: Drones. How to get the most cinematic shots possible with these amazing devices

Episode 7: Story. Here we put into practice everything we have learned and actually do a real shoot.

Episode 8: Post. Data management, organisation, best editing practices, working with sound and colour.

The course is available for pre-order now, with each episode available separately for $99 and the complete course going for $199. Note that Philip Bloom’s Cinematic Masterclass will not be available in the MZed Pro subscription library, but for a limited time only you can save $100 if you get both a yearly MZed Pro subscription and Philip’s course, for a total of only $399.

Whether you’ve decided to DIY your filmmaking education or are looking to add to what you learned in film school, MZed offers a great opportunity to gain some valuable knowledge at a very affordable price.

Will you be investing in education with the new MZed Pro subscription? Let us know in the comments!

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