Set Jackets that Work – Sustainable and Fashionable by NASCH, 3 Days Left on Kickstarter

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Set Jackets that Work - Sustainable and Fashionable by NASCH, 3 Days Left on Kickstarter

Cameramen (and yes, I am mostly talking about the MEN in our industry here) are known for one thing among “ordinary people”: We are considered to dress distinctively unfashionable, bland even. NASCH Sportswear wants to change that with their line of fashionable and functional sports jackets that double perfectly as set jackets. Only a few days left on their Kickstarter.

Fashion on cinema5D?

Now let me get this out of the way immediately: I know that jackets are not products we usually report about. In fact, these jackets are marketed to sports people predominantly. BUT when we went to my dear friend Nadine’s crowd-funding kick-off party a few weeks back, I couldn’t believe how amazingly comfortable and great-looking her jackets were – and how actually well they fit into a typical cameraman’s workflow. Without looking like a hobbit in the process.

Before I tell you everything about her amazing jackets, read this: There’s only 3 days left on their Kickstarter and they still have to collect a fair number of pledges to gain in order to hit their goal. Yes, I should have written this post to tell you about their jackets a fair bit earlier … but I am confident they can still hit their goal, and they should, because their products are amazing. And no, we gain nothing from this plug other than supporting a VERY cool product that’s worth getting into the hands (and onto the torsos) of filmmakers. Let’s see why I think that, and why I made a pledge for my own “running jacket”:

Why These Jackets are Perfect for People Working on Sets

  • The jackets are very thin and are made of a fully recycled polyester, which makes them super lightweight … they are easy to stow away when you don’t need it.
  • The sleeves have an ergonomic cut and the back of the jacket is elongated, which makes them perfectly flexible when working on set. One of the typical problems of “normal” clothes on set is the fact that they limit you in your movements. I can say with certainty that this is not the case with the NASCH jackets.
  • The jackets come in muted colors (as well as crazy artist editions which might not be as suitable on a set … unless you really want to stick out)
  • They are wind- and rainproof, which makes them highly suitable for longer outdoor shoots.
  • There’s a warming membrane inside, which makes the jackets also suitable for colder weather despite being lightweight and thin
  • The running jacket (the one I pledged for) has the additional advantage of a high collar, which protects you just like a biker’s cold weather mask from cold winds and harsh weather.

Lovely details that make the working life more bearable … I especially love the cuffs and hand back protection

Sustainable, Repairable and Good for the Environment

Now of course the jackets are not cheap – but that is simply because of the way they are being produced. The jackets are made in Portugal under very humane conditions (not in the far East as usual). All the material that’s used has been recycled or upcycled, and that guarantees minimum impact for the environment with the production of these jackets. Nadine told me to what great lengths she had to go to find suppliers that actually fulfilled her requirements in that regard. That also results in the bluesign certificate for the main fabric, which is given only to sustainable clothing.

The Runner jacket with a hoodie that protects you from all adversities sets can bring … except for crazy directors I guess

Only 3 Days Left on Kickstarter

As mentioned at the beginning, there are only 3 days left on NASCH’s Kickstarter campaign and I think it would be a shame if she couldn’t reach the required goal. If she does, the jackets will be shipped in February already.

Head over to Kickstarter to find out more about the jackets and to chose your model between “The Climber”, “The Base” and “The Runner”.

What do you think about functional set clothing? Do you think it’s necessary, and do you already rely on it? Let us know in the comments below. 


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