Shane Hurlbut’s new Online Course – 10% Special Discount for cinema5D Audience

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Shane Hurlbut's new Online Course - 10% Special Discount for cinema5D Audience

Shane Hurlbut, ASC has announced a new online course for filmmakers and cinema5D followers now have the opportunity to grab a 10% discount by applying the “cmd10” code when purchasing it! This Cinematography Masterclass offers a rare insight into breaking down the process of making Hollywood-budget movies, from the initial script notes down to camera & lighting kit selections. 

Shane has been a remained a great online source for knowledge in the filmmaking industry.

One of the first seasoned professionals to adopt the then game changer Canon 5D Mark II format, his Inner Circle subscription has offered great insight the thought processes behind Cinematography at a high level.

The Cinematography Masterclass is a new, stand-alone online course, separate to the existing Shane’s Inner Circle content.

$299.99 will give you immediate access to 33 videos; you can view the first for free by signing up here.

Listed below are a few key selling points of the online course:

• Light Interior Scenes
• Distribute power on your sets
• Block Scenes
• Light day interiors
• Light green screens
• Shape and control light
• Break down your script
• Light Night Interiors
• Mimic the sun
• Select your aspect ratio

Below is a testimonial video of readers also:


“A couple of nights ago I won two India Catalina awards for Best Cinematographer, and Best Cinematographer for a TV series…..I won this achievement in part to what I have learned from Shane over the years.” 

– Reuben N

Having digested majority of the Inner Circle content, I can say that Shane goes into a great amount of detail in his teachings.
There is a great mixture of long form, bite-size, technical and theory-based content to chew through; I expect no less from the Cinematography Masterclass.

Purchase the Shane Hurlbut Cinematography Masterclass here and apply the code “cmd10” during CHECKOUT to receive a 10% discount! 

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