SLR Magic CINE 18mm E-Mount Lens And Image Enhancer Neutral Density Filter Announced

September 15th, 2017 Jump to Comment Section

The SLR Magic CINE 18mm f/2.8 wide angle lens is the latest addition to the E-Mount lens lineup. SLR Magic also introduced the Image Enhancer Neutral Density Filter.


SLR Magic CINE 18mm f/2.8

The new SLR Magic CINE 18mm f/2.8 wide angle lens accompanies its range of fast primes now available for Sony E-Mount cameras. The wide field of view and very small design keeps the camera and lens setup compact, which is ideal for filming with a gimbal or at events such as weddings and conferences where having a fast aperture is ideal for those shallow depth of field shots.

Like the other lenses in the SLR Magic CINE range, the construction of the lens is solid with built-in aperture and focus ring gears for use with a follow focus. It also has a minimum focus distance of 20cm, which is ideal for close-up shots both on full-frame and APS-C sensors.

SLR Magic CINE 18mm – Tech Specs

  • Compatible with FE and E-Mount cameras.
  • Manual control of aperture and focus.
  • 10 elements in 8 groups.
  • Minimum focus distance of 20cm to infinity.
  • 62mm internal filter (non-rotating).
  • Weighs in at 445g/15.7oz
  • 18mm full-frame focal length, making it a 27mm in APS-C.

This is a pleasing addition to the SLR Magic lens lineup for manual E-mount lens users looking for a fast wide-angle prime.

SLR Magic Image Enhancer Neutral Density Filter

SLR Magic is also announcing its next filter, the 1.2 IEND (Image Enhancer Neutral Density) which offers a 4-stop exposure reduction while suppressing infrared light.

In order to achieve that ‘cinematic’ look, using fast apertures in brightly-lit environments often means using an ND filter, however many filters suffer from vignetting and colour shifting. The 1.2 IEND is designed to remove green, magenta and cyan vignetting with a special coating, even when mounted on a wide angle lens.

SLR Magic recommends using the 1.2 IEND with its lenses to achieve the best optical quality, but they can also be stacked with the SLR Magic variable ND filters for greater exposure and infrared reduction. The 1.2 IEND comes in a 86mm diameter, so it is advised to use step-up rings to attach the filter to lenses with smaller diameters.

Both the SLR Magic CINE 18mm f/2.8 lens and the 1.2 IEND will be available in October 2017 with pricing below.

Will you be adding the CINE 18mm lens or the 1.2 IEND to your kit bag? Let us know in the comments.

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