SmallHD Cyber Monday Sale and DP6 Firmware Update

November 30th, 2013 Jump to Comment Section
SmallHD Cyber Monday Sale and DP6 Firmware Update

SmallHD DP6

SmallHD are set to hold a big sale on Monday 2nd December. They will be offering 10% off everything on their site.

This is great news if you’re sizing up a DP7 monitor bundle. SmallHD make some fantastic products, I’m still using their original 5.6″ field monitor – the DP6.

Speaking of which, the DP6 has just been given a firmware upgrade. See the below video for it’s features.

This update is testament to SmallHD as a company. The DP6 was discontinued some months ago, yet they are still supporting current firmware updates to keep past products up to date.

Here’s a list of the added features to firmware version 3.0

  • Focus Assist with optional edge colored peaking (red, blue, green, cyan, magenta, yellow)
  • 2X Zoom for focus aid
  • Anamorphic desqueeze for when working with 2x anamorphic lenses.
  • Improved font design
  • Focus assist max
  • Added DSLR scale option to tools menu (previously available feature that has simply been moved for better menu access)
  • More accurate menu scrolling
  • Enhanced display feature and added ability to map it to smart key
  • Improved image flip
  • Renamed scale menu to aspect scale.
  • Changed false colors names to exposure assist.

As a DP6 user, I’ll warmly welcome the new peaking feature, more accurate scroll and improved image flip. The former looks very nice with optional colors, and the latter is a bug that was in much need of a fix.

You can download firmware version 3.0 for the DP6 here.

Be sure to check out the SmallHD store on Cyber Monday for their 10% sale.

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