SmallHD Firmware Update 2.2 for 500 And 700 Series Monitors

SmallHD Firmware Update 2.2 for 500 And 700 Series Monitors

SmallHD firmware update 2.2 is available for all 500 and 700 series monitors. The update includes a fully customizable vectorscope, on-screen battery display, dual zebras and most significantly pre-loaded Rec 709 LUTs for a host of log camera profiles. 

As a user of the SmallHD 502, I am really looking forward to the use of a pre-loaded log to Rec 709 LUTs. Support will include Sony S-log, Canon C-log, Arri Log C, and GoPro Protune—to name just a few.

Of course, not all cameras support LUTs in-camera and those that do sometimes have a funny way of grouping certain outputs in regards to menu overlays and the internal recording (ahem… FS7… ahem). Therefore, it is good to have options at your disposal when recording one profile, sending another to your client, and viewing another yourself.

Vectorscope is a welcome addition also, like all exposure aids it will be fully customizable in size, location, and opacity.

SmallHD Firmware Update

Full list of features for SmallHD firmware update 2.2 for 500/700 series monitors:

1. Full Support for 700 Lite Series Monitors Added
2. A library of Reverse LOG LUTs has been added to the monitor. These are accessible using the LOOK Tool on any page
3. Default Calibration LUTs have been added to the 702, 702 Lite and 701 Lite
4. On-screen “Status Display” may now be enabled in the settings menu
This feature displays:
– Input Type
– Input Format
– Time
– Battery Status- Voltage and Percent remaining for compatible LP-E6 Canon Batteries
5. LUTs now have an “intensity” slider
– When modified on the Output Page the intensity of the LUT is altered downstream as well
6. Vectorscope has been added
– Vectorscope displays data modified by LUTs loaded on pages
7. Settings menu option to automatically perform an image-capture when SDI Record signal occurs
8. Low Battery indicator now appears on top of video when a chipped Canon battery reports <15% remaining
9. Backdrop at boot time, background in collage, and background on individual pages changed from black to dark gray

Improvements and Bug fixes:

1. Improvements to the “Calibration” settings page.
– “Brightness, Contrast” renamed to “Black Point, White Point”
2. “No Signal” text now includes source signal -> “No HDMI Signal” | “No SDI Signal”
3. Up to 2 zebra tools may be enabled simultaneously
4. Waveform Improvements:
– User-selectable intensity
– User-selectable Color when in “LUMA” mode
5. Improved LUT support:
– LUTs with negative values should now load
– LUTs with values that range from 0.0-1.0, but also include illegal values above 1.0 should also now load
6. Fixed a bug that kept some joysticks from working when upside down

SmallHD firmware update 2.2 can be downloaded here, where you’ll also find instructions on installation.

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