SmallRig Accessories for the DJI Ronin-S – Mounting Solutions and Wooden Handle

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SmallRig Accessories for the DJI Ronin-S – Mounting Solutions and Wooden Handle

SmallRig has released three third-party accessories for the DJI Ronin-S (which we have reviewed in depth here!). The company has designed a mounting clamp, a mounting plate and a wooden handle allowing you to expand your DJI Ronin-S capabilities.


SmallRig is a company well-known in the camera accessories market for making affordable cages and “add-ons” to many cameras.

DJI’s Ronin-S is an excellent handheld gimbal, with a large payload and a lot of cool functionalities. However, like every “one-hand gimbal,” it lacks a few mounting points to attach additional accessories – for example, when you want  to add a monitor or a microphone to your setup. With most of these devices, you are better off mounting accessories directly to the gimbal and not on the camera itself for balancing purposes. That way, you also won’t put too much stress onto the gimbal’s motors.

To address that, SmallRig has just released three new mounting solutions to extend the possibilities of the DJI Ronin-S. Let’s take a look:

SmallRig Mounting Clamp for DJI Ronin-S

SmallRig_MountingClamp01The SmallRig mounting clamp, codename 2221, consists of two pieces made of aluminum that screw together at the top of the gimbal, by using the provided screws. The interior of the mounting clamp is covered with rubber to avoid scratching your Ronin-S.

On each of the four sides, there is a nato rail so you can quickly mount/unmount your accessories. Also, there are three 1/4″ -20 holes on every side, and two ARRI 3/8″ holes to prevent ARRI compatible accessories from twisting. It weighs 131 grams, adding quite a little bit of weight to your setup, but it’s a convenient way to mount accessories.

SmallRig Mounting Plate for DJI Ronin-S


The SmallRig mounting plate, codename 2214, is a solid piece of aluminum that attaches onto the side of Ronin-S after taking off the small DJI plate that covers the electronic contacts. Of course, removing that plate doesn’t void your warranty.

It features six 1/4″-20 holes, one ARRI 3/8″ hole and one of the sides is nato compatible. The only downside to this solution is the weight capacity, limited to 1.5kg. Indeed, this side and the original cover plate of the Ronin-S was designed to cover the electronics, not to mount accessories. The mounting clamp only weighs 35 grams, so you shouldn’t really notice it when using it.

SmallRig Universal Wooden Side Handle


The SmallRig universal wooden side handle, codename 2222, is compatible with every one-hand gimbal, including the DJI Ronin-S. Like the other accessories, it is made from aluminum, but with a nice touch of wood on the grip part of the handle.

The universal wooden side handle is attached at the bottom of your gimbal. It features multiple 1/4”-20, Arri 3/8”-16 locating holes and a cold shoe for accessory attachment. You can still use the small tripod that comes with your gimbal: the bottom of the handle features 1/4”-20 and 3/8”-16 threaded holes.

It’s a nice compact alternative to bulkier dual handles solutions like the one from Shape.

Pricing and Availability

The SmallRig mounting clamp for the DJI Ronin-S is currently available for pre-order. It is estimated to be shipping on October 15, 2018.

The SmallRig mount plate for the DJI Ronin-S is already available.

The SmallRig universal wooden handle is currently in pre-order. It is estimated to be shipping on September 30, 2018.

What do you think of SmallRig’s new accessories for the DJI Ronin-S? Do you think they are useful? Let us know in the comments down below! 

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