SmallRig Forevala L20 Released – Lavalier Microphone on a Budget

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SmallRig Forevala L20 Released – Lavalier Microphone on a Budget

SmallRig recently introduced an affordable lavalier microphone solution: the Forevala L20. This system features a lavalier microphone with a long cable and a control panel for basic audio adjustments. It is now available for purchase at CVP for 31.50 Euro.

SmallRig has a strong reputation thanks to their affordable, high-quality rigging solutions. However, companies sometimes like to go off the beaten path and experiment outside of their target niche.

In truth, the Chinese brand had already released a series of budget lavalier microphones: the simorr Wave models. Now they’re taking another step into the audio field by introducing the SmallRig Forevala L20. So let’s take a closer look at this microphone designed for basic interview and live streaming setups.

SmallRig Forevala L20: omni-directional capsule

The system features an omni-directional capsule with 360° pickup capabilities. The microphone has a shielded 5-meter long TRRS 3.5mm jack cable which should minimize interferences and audio quality loss.

The extremely long cable suggests that this product is designed to be connected directly to a camera or a smartphone. Hence it can be an ideal solution when there’s no need nor budget for an external recorder or wireless system.

SmallRig Forevala L20 omni-directional microphone. Source: SmalRig

Control panel and audio adjustments

A control panel on the cable allows the user to access some basic audio adjustments.

In fact, a Low-cut filter can attenuate frequencies below 200Hz, like those produced by cars or air conditioners, while a Gain Control switch enables a +10dB on-chip amplification of the recorded signal.

Moreover, a Device Switch button allows to quickly move from “smartphone” to “camera”. Therefore the use of a TRRS to TRS adapter is not required.

SmallRig Forevala L20 control panel
SmallRig Forevala L20 control panel. Source: SmallRig

Build quality and battery life

The whole unit weighs 51g which is fair considering the included control panel and the very long cable. The panel is made of aluminum with a black leather finish.

The Forevala L20’s 120mAh built-in battery can be charged using a USB-C port. According to SmallRig, the battery can provide up to 24 hours of working time with a full charge.

SmallRig Forevala L20
SmallRig Forevala L20. Source: SmallRig

What’s in the box?

The kit includes:

  • lavalier microphone
  • 2x foam windscreens
  • furry windscreen
  • USB-C charging cable
  • cable strap
  • storage bag
SmallRig Forevala L20 kit
SmallRig Forevala L20 kit. Source: SmallRig

Price and availability

This lavalier microphone features an unusual design. In fact, its long cable and control panel could result annoying for some users.

However, these features can come in handy for who wants to connect a lavalier microphone directly to the camera without recurring to an external recorder or investing in a wireless microphone system.

Ideal for basic interviews and live streaming setups, it is now available for purchase at CVP for 31.50 Euro (including VAT).

Are you looking for a basic lavalier microphone to plug-in directly to your camera or smartphone? Check out the SmallRig Forevala L20.

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