Spekular – New Modular LED Lighting Kit with 94+ CRI

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Spekular - New Modular LED Lighting Kit with 94+ CRI

Spekular is a new 94+ CRI LED lighting system featuring a unique modular design that allows for dozens of different mounting configurations. Having the ability to build a ring light or a 3-light interview setup and everything in between for just $650 certainly sounds useful. Let’s dive in:

Spekular 4-light Kit. Image Credit: Spiffy Gear

The Spekular kit, priced at $650, comes with four daylight LED sections that can be mounted in all sorts of ways. Each section is built with aluminum and ABS plastic for a total per-section weight of 335 grams. Spiffy Gear, the makers of Spekular, promise a 1500+ luminous flux out of each section at a CRI of 94+ and a 96+ TLCI with no flicker. All sections are dimmable (10% to 100%), but right now Spekular is only available in a daylight version with gel holders for other desired color temperatures. The output of each individual section is comparable to a 150W halogen light according to the manufacturer, so place them all together and you’re looking at about 600W in the halogen world.


Lots and lots of different configurations… Image Credit: Spiffy Gear

All sections are powered by an included wall adapter and power each other once linked together, but you can also power the set from D-Tap by purchasing an optional $130 battery adapter. It’s unfortunate that this kit doesn’t come with the battery adapter included, as the portability of these lights is a definite plus.

One of the more interesting available accessories is the Star Adapter, which creates a unique starlike effect in the eyes for fashion portraits and interviews. Not appropriate for all shoots, but definitely an interesting effect that takes the ring-light look up a notch.

Check out the Spekular launch video below:

As LED tech continues to evolve, we’ve been seeing all sorts of promising lighting solutions – whether they be foldable, bendable or stackable. We haven’t gotten our hands on the set yet, but a Spekular kit seems to be powerful lights to have around for a variety of different situations.

Pricing: $650
Availability:  Shipping Now – HERE.

Will these Spekular lights have a place in your home kit? Let us know in the comments below!

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