Tenba Packlite – Collapsible Travel Shoulder Bags

Tenba Packlite - Collapsible Travel Shoulder Bags

Packlite 10Tenba has designed a new line of shoulder bags that fold into literally no space or weight. The Packlite line comes in 4 sizes and coupled with their BYOB camera inserts offer a highly portable over-the-shoulder system.

I found myself quietly applauding the above video as I watched the Packlite unveil. I have the very same dilemma every time I travel for work.

Every ounce counts when packing your gear for abroad shoots, and it often means compromising on common workflows you’d undergo on home soil.

Packlite folded downAs a self-sufficient shooter a shoulder bag is a necessity for carrying extra lenses, batteries etc. But it’s one thing that can be a pain to pack, adding size and weight to your luggage.

The Tenba Packlite solves this problem, a shoulder bag folding down into a palm sized package; it’s reminiscent of those ponchos you buy at theme parks to stay dry on water rides.

But how does something so lightweight keep your gear protected and safe? Well, the Packlite does need an insert in order to work. Tenba make a line of BYOB camera inserts for each of the 4 sized Packlite bags.

Some may think this defeats the purpose of a collapsible bag, but providing you’re doubling up the duty of your inserts in your main bag (by slotting in a Tenda BYOB insert) you’re saving a lot of space.

Tenba Packlites are made of water repellent nylon and feature self-healing YKK zippers.
Packlite 13The 4 sizes can carry anything from a mirrorless camera plus a couple of lenses up to a full sized DSLR with spare 70-200mm lens; there’s even a cold cooler insert if you want to switch your camera gear out for some beers.

Tenba Packlite and BYOB inserts are sold separately; you’d need to buy both to get the complete package. For those interested I’ve paired the below items into their 4 respective sizes.

Packlite 7. Bag | Insert. Mirrorless Camera plus 2-3 lenses

Packlite 9. Bag | Insert. Mirrorless or compact DSLR plus 2-3 lenses

Packlite 10. Bag | Insert. Mirrorless or DSLR plus 2-3 lenses

Packlite 13. Bag | Insert. DSLR plus 2-3 lenses inc. 70-200mm size.

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