The amazing LockCircle MAT BOX is here!

August 14th, 2012 Jump to Comment Section

LockCircle is finally done with their nice, compact & professional sliding mattebox.

We’ve been reporting exclusively about LockCircle’s “Prime Circle” cine EF lenses at NAB 2012 (LINK) and were given the chance to take a look at it there. See the full video on said coverage below.

This mattebox is designed by an Italian cameraman who is passionate about making stuff that gives professional power to HDSLR & large sensor cameramen, it is one of the reasons why cinema5D likes his products. In our interview with Dante Cecchin he showed us how the sliding mattebox, now called “Mat Box” works.

The mattebox is attached to the lens via an interface mounting system and is unlocked from the rails, but slides on them with its sliding base that smoothly goes for a ride on 15mm rails. This allows for stability yet full flexibility. You can zoom your lenses and the MAT BOX will follow.

The MAT BOX offer:
– an 95mm Ultra-Thin mounting ring
– complete range of threaded rings for still-photo lenses
– 2 filter stages 4×4 and 4×5.65 (one full rotating stage)
– compact french flag with “velcro” extensions for better storage
– side barn doors

The inside of the rayshade has a special low-pile RPK surface treatment (radiosity pollution killer) that absorbs well over 99% of visible light.
The MAT BOX offers important wideangle coverage up to 18mm with full-frame cameras (24×36) and up to 15mm with 24,6 X 13,8
camera sensors (C300, Alexa, Red, F3, FS100).

The MAT BOX is available at LockCircle’s website and goes for $1349 (international shipping included).
The side flags don’t seem to be part of the deal.

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