This Week’s Top 10 Deals for Filmmakers – Sony, Canon, Apple, Lexar and More

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This Week’s Top 10 Deals for Filmmakers – Sony, Canon, Apple, Lexar and More

There are lots of interesting deals for filmmakers available. We selected the best 10 offers of filmmaking gear from our partners’ online shops for this week, including the Sony a7R III, 13” MacBook Pro, Canon EOS M6 and a few different lens options!

I went through the current deals on our partners’ websites and selected the top 10 offers currently available, which I think could be interesting for you. First, there are B&H offers listed for our readers based in North and South America and then a couple of deals from our European partner CVP. By shopping at our affiliate partners’ stores you are supporting cinema5D through our buy links, as we get a small affiliate commission when a purchase is completed.

Now, let’s take a look at this week’s top 10 deals for filmmakers:

B&H: Sony a7R III with Tripod, Backpack, and Neckstrap – $300 Discount

Sony’s high-resolution, full frame a7R III was a wild success when it was released last year, and it can now be yours at a discount. This combo pack comes with a sturdy ball-head tripod, a camera bag, and a much more comfortable neckstrap than the stock Sony strap.

Buy link: Sony a7R III Pro Combo Was: $3,298 Now: $2,998 (Savings: $300.00)

B&H: Interfit F5 Three-Head Fluorescent Lighting Kit with Boom Arm – $100 Discount

For any filmmakers lacking a lighting kit, this could be a fantastic opportunity to remedy that situation. The Interfit F5 kit accepts standard-issue light bulbs, allowing for huge flexibility in lamp selection. Cheap CLFs, color-balanced LEDs, and high-power photofloods are all viable – and affordable – options that can be found at most stores. With softboxes, stands, and a boom arm, this kit is a steal for anyone in the market for a first light kit.

Buy link: Interfit F5 Three-Head Fluorescent Lighting Kit with Boom Arm Was: $299.99 Now: $199.99 (Savings: $100)

B&H: Lexar 64GB Professional 1000x UHS-II SDXC Memory Card – $15 Discount

Lexar’s unexpected death certainly left a hole in the market for flash media, but that doesn’t mean that all of their cards disappeared overnight. In fact, B&H seem to be sitting on a stockpile of 64gb UHS-II SD cards. For brand loyalists, this may be one of the last times to grab one. For the rest of us, its’s just a steal of a deal.

Buy Link: Lexar 64GB Professional 1000x UHS-II SDXC Memory Card Was: $48.99 Now: $33.99 (Savings: $15)

B&H: Apple 13.3″ MacBook Pro with Touch Bar (Mid 2017, Space Gray) – $400 Discount

Apple’s 13” MacBook Pro is a classic editing platform for the editor on the go. With 2018 models hitting the shelves, B&H is offering discounts on last years’ MacBook Pro. With a blazing-fast 256gb SSD and 8gb of RAM, it won’t be the most powerful machine in the world. But for those working with 1080p footage, this base model will be more than enough to keep you editing smoothly on the road.

Buy Link: Apple 13.3″ MacBook Pro Was: $1,799 Now: $1,399 (Savings: $400)

B&H: Sunpak 423PX2 Tripod Kit with 620-CPG Pistol Grip Ball Head – $100 Discount

Sunpak is a consistent, reliable name in the lower-end tripod market. This tripod is no exception – on B&H it has 70 reviews and 4.5 stars. As long as you don’t expect it to support huge lenses or be the sturdiest tripod in the world, you won’t be disappointed. And at more than half off, you really can’t go wrong.

Buy Link: Sunpak 423PX2 Tripod Kit Was: $169.95 Now: $69.95 (Savings: $100 !!)

CVP: Sony a9 with Free Battery Grip and Light – £360.44 Discount

The Sony a9 is a technical masterpiece that delivers blazingly fast burst photos, high resolution, and fast, accurate autofocus that put the pressure on Canon and Nikon’s dominance in the field. If its high price was a turn-off for you, then this might be your chance to grab one. Not only does CVP have it on discount right now, but they will throw in a battery grip and a high-quality LED as well.

Buy Link: Sony a9 package Was: £4059 Now: £3699 (Savings: £360.44)

CVP: Sony 35mm F/1.8 – £41.67 Discount

The deals continue to come in for the Sony shooters this week. Multiple Sony prime lenses are on sale this week, but we chose to highlight the 35mm f/1.8. Everybody and their grandmother knows to buy a “nifty 50” first, but then what? I would argue that 35mm should be the next focal length added to your collection. It’s a versatile lens that can open up your shots without being so wide as to be unwieldy.

Buy Link: Sony 35mm F/1.8 Was: £289 +VAT Now: £247.33 +VAT (Savings: £41.67)

CVP: Canon 70-200mm f2.8L IS II EF – £250 Discount

Don’t feel left out, Canon shooters. The ultra-classic 70-200 f2.8L IS II is on sale as well. This is the standard telephoto lens that every self-respecting wedding, headshot, and portrait photographer is packing. If that sounds like you, jump on over to CVP while this deal lasts.

Buy Link: Canon 70-200mm f2.8L IS II EF Was: £1649.00 + VAT Now: £1399.17 +VAT (Savings: £250)

CVP: Anton Bauer Cine91 GM – £117.66 Discount

The Anton Bauer CINE battery series delivers 12 amps of continuous power and incorporates Fuse Link technology, which provides protection to surrounding battery cells, preventing catastrophic failure. The battery also features multiple sensors to detect temperature and over-current, ensuring optimal battery performance during regular use.

Please note: this deal is only for filmmakers in the UK and select EU countries. Click the link to find out more.

Buy Link: Anton Bauer Cine91 GM Was: £341.66 + VAT Now:  £224+VAT (Savings: £117.66)

CVP: Canon EOS M6 with 15-45mm Lens – £67 Discount

And for our final deal of the week, we have something for those more interested in Canon’s mirrorless offerings. Its 24mp APS-C sensor fits inside a compact body with a flip-up screen that, combined with 5-axis IS, makes it just about perfect for vloggers and travelers looking to stay small. It of course comes with a 14-55mm lens as well.

Buy Link: Canon EOS M6 with 15-45mm Was: £574.17 + VAT Now: £507.50 +VAT (Savings: £67)

What do you think of this week’s selection? Share with us if you know and like any of these products.

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