Tiltaing Z Cam Cage and V-mount to NPF Battery Adapter – Rig Up The Tiny Camera

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Tilta have previewed the Tiltaing Z Cam cage, V-mount to Sony NPF battery adapter, and newly designed wooden handle grips at IBC 2019. As the popularity for the modular Z Cam grows, cage producers are quick to be the first to support new cameras.

Tilta have introduced a range of new rigging and cage accessories, first up is the Tiltaing Z Cam cage. As the Z Cam is modular, the setup relies heavily on accessories such as monitors and mics to be mounted via a cage. With multiple 1/4 inch and 3/8 inch mounting points, the cage provides plenty of options for this.

A number of plates will be shipped with the Tiltaing Z Cam cage; a quick release base, Manfrotto type plate and Arca swiss type plate. The package will also come with a 90 degree type-C cable for start/stop control, and an SSD holder for the Samsung T5 drive.

The Tiltaing Z Cam cage is available in a number of packages;

Tiltaing Z Cam Cage (on it’s own)

Tiltaing Z Cam A – cage, top handle

Tiltaing Z Cam B – cage, top handle, metal side grip

Tiltaing Z Cam C – cage, top handle, rod block, metal side grip

The new wooden grips have had a stylish re-design, and can be vertically adjusted for comfort. They protrude quite far our from the cage, and can be attached via the ARRI Rosette mount. Hidden inside the grip is an allen key to adjust the vertical position.

Covert V-Mount Batteries To Sony NPF

Another new product is an adapter that allows you to power the Z Cam with V-mount batteries via a V-mount to Sony NPF-970 type adapter. Lots of V-mount batteries are getting smaller, with higher capacities that would significantly out-run the lifetime of an NPF-970 battery. V-mounts often feature additional D-tap or USB outputs too, so this adapter could be very popular, not only with Z Cam owners.

This adapter works without cables, and attaches directly to the camera, with screws to secure it in place.

The Tilta cages and camera rig gear are very popular, but will the brand deliver their products on time? They have a track record of delayed shipping, especially with the Nucleus-M system. However, the popularity of the Z Cam, and necessity for rigging options could change that. We hope so.

Are you a fan of Tilta’s products? How would you rig up your Z cam with the Tiltaing Z Cam cage? Let us know in the comments.

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