VEGAS POST, a New Version of the VFX Editing Suite Released

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VEGAS POST, a New Version of the VFX Editing Suite Released

Many readers will be familiar with VEGAS Creative Software. Yesterday it reaffirmed its partnership with HitFilm developers, FXhome, to release a powerful new version of its editing and effects suite, VEGAS POST.

VEGAS POST has been updated

A new version of VEGAS POST has been released for 2020

With the domination of the headlines by software such as DaVinci Resolve and Premiere Pro it’s easy to forget that there are other options out there. Some of them very powerful indeed.

FXhome is better known for the development of HitFilm. HitFilm is VFX software that has empowered creators on very low budgets to achieve Hollywood style effects with ease. Last year the company partnered up with VEGAS Creative Software to produce VEGAS POST.

VEGAS POST is a collection of software that covers editing, VFX, compositing, and image processing to create a complete production suite. As you might imagine coming from the creators of HitFilm, the effects capabilities on offer here are quite substantial. Today a substantial update to the suite has been released.

What’s new in VEGAS POST?

The workflow is centered upon the VEGAS Pro NLE software but adds two new pieces of software called VEGAS Effects and VEGAS Image. It is these last two sets of software that have been updated.

VEGAS Effects is a fully featured visual effects and compositing software, which comes complete with over 800 effects and filters. New additions include:

  • Particle Generator
  • Text and Titling
  • Behavior Effects
  • 3D Model Rendering
  • A Unified 3D Space
  • Fire and Lightning Generators
  • Green Screen Removal
  • Muzzle Flash Generators
  • Picture in Picture
  • Vertical Video Integration

VEGAS POST offers a credible alternative to some of the better-known software out there. Image: VEGAS Creative Software.


VEGAS Image is a raw image compositor that lets video editors work with still images and graphical content directly into their editing workflow. Updates include:-

  • Brush Masks: A new mask type that allows the user to brush in/out effects or layers and includes basic brush settings like radius, opacity, softness, spacing, and smoothing.
  • Multiple Layer Transform: Gives the ability to move, rotate, and scale a selection of layers.
  • Multi-Point Gradient Effect: An effect that enables users to create colored gradients using an unlimited amount of colored points.
  • Light Rays Effect: An effect that uses bright spots to cast light rays in scenes, e.g., light rays streaming through trees.
  • RAW Denoise: Bespoke denoise step for RAW images, which can remove defective pixels and large noise patterns.
  • Lens Distortion Effect: Can be used to perform lens-based adjustments, such as barrel/pincushion distortion or chromatic aberration.
  • Halftone Effect: Produces a halftone look, like a newspaper print or pop art.
  • Configurable Mask Overlay Color: Users can now pick what color is overlaid when the mask overlay render option is enabled.

VEGAS POST is available right now and costs $999.00 USD, or alternatively as a subscription model for $21.00 USD per month.

It’s great to see alternatives options for end-to-end workflows like this. More competition in the market is a very healthy thing. Having used VEGAS extensively in the past it’s great to see it continuing to go from strength to strength.

Do you use VEGAS or other alternatives to the more well known brands of software? Let us know your recommendations in the comments.

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