Wooden Camera Releases Director’s Monitor Cage v2

Wooden Camera Releases Director's Monitor Cage v2

The now Vitec-owned Wooden Camera has released an upgraded version of their popular Director’s Monitor Cage. It allows you to conveniently mount a monitor along with a wireless video receiver of your choice, all in a durable cage with wooden handles. This monitor cage v2 seems to be a perfect fit for spoilt directors!

monitor cage v2

The Director’s Monitor Cage v2 with an Atomos Shogun Flame.

The Director’s Monitor Cage v2

As an upgrade to the original, this Monitor Cage v2 seems to be a pretty well though-out product. It’s capable of accommodating several of the monitors currently on the market, such as the Atomos Shogun or Ninja, the Convergent Design Odyssey or the popular SmallHD 700 line. Here’s a full list of compatible monitors:

  • Blackmagic Video Assist
  • SmallHD DP4, DP6, AC7, DP7, 700 series
  • TVLogic VFM-056W/WP, VFM-058W
  • Ikan D5, VK7i, VH8, VL5, VX9e
  • Convergent Design Odyssey 7, 7Q
  • Atomos Samurai, Ninja, Shogun
  • and many more (up to 9 inches – measured diagonally)

The handles of the Monitor Cage v2 are now made out of wood and are collapsible, too. The same goes for the whole back of the cage. For accessing the back panel of your monitor and attaching the wireless receiver, you can swing away the rear thanks to the clever use of a supplied 15mm rod.

monitor cage v2

The Monitor Cage v2 comes with pretty much all the spacers and screws needed to attach different monitors and wireless video receivers. A well-balanced neck strap is included in the package, as well as a universal sun shade, and even a velcro strap for cable management. For an overview of all the features, check out this video:

What makes this cage really revolutionary is the little details. For example, the sun shade offers a tiny loop to attach it to an unused SDI connector on the bottom of the Convergent Design Odyssey. Or that the sun shade doubles as a screen protector. Or that the collapsible handles and back plate are tool-less. You name it. Wooden Camera really listens to their customers!

What’s included:

(6) 1/4-20 x 1/2″ button head screws
(6) 1/4-20 x 3/8″ button head screws
(2) Offset adapters
(4) M3 x 8mm philips screws (for V-Mount plate)
(4) M3 x 12mm philips screws (for Gold Mount plate)
(1) M2.5 x 4mm socket cap screw (for Odyssey 7Q location pin)
(1) Teradek Mounting Bracket
(1) 1/4-20 x 1 1/4″ button head screw and 1/4-20 nut (for Teradek Bolt)
(4) #4-40 x 1/2″ socket cap screws ( for Teradek receiver)
(4) M3 x 20mm socket cap screws (for Odyssey 7Q)
(1) WC Cable Tie
(1) Sun Shade
(1) Sun Shade (velcro loop for Odyssey)

Monitor Cage v2


Weight: 1179.34g (2 lbs 9.6oz)
Dimensions: 279.4 x 177.8 x 101.6 mm (11 x 7 x 4 in)

Dual-Monitor Configuration

There is an optional dual-monitor mounting kit available, which turns your Monitor Cage v2 into a dual-screen unit. You can choose between a horizontal or vertical orientation of the two attached monitors.

monitor cage v2

All in all, the Wooden Camera Director’s Monitor Cage v2 seems to be a very versatile piece of gear, as it gives you the freedom to adapt the rig exactly to your needs.

What You Need

Although the Director’s Monitor Cage v2 comes fully-featured, you’ll need several pieces of gear to really let it shine. Besides the obvious need for a monitor and a wireless receiver of course, you’ll maybe want to get a V-Mount or Gold Mount battery plate in order to satisfy your power-hungry gear.

For more information, head over to woodencamera.com

How do you use hand held monitors on set? Let us know in the comments below!

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