YouTube and E-Cars: Embracing the Tech of the Future – with Jehu Garcia – ON THE GO – Episode 72

October 15th, 2017

In this final part of our conversation with Jehu Garcia, we continue our discussion about evolving technologies and embracing change.

It is impossible to ignore the importance of YouTube today. For a whole generation of audiences, this platform has completely replaced TV as the main source of content consumption and, although many filmmakers use it to share their work or even for vlogging as a hobby, for many this video-sharing website can be a real opportunity to generate revenue. Filmmaker and environmental enthusiast Jehu Garcia knows this first hand, as he currently runs a very successful YouTube channel with over 100K subscribers.

Jehu Garcia

We drift away from the filmmaking talk a little bit to dive a little deeper into what has become one of the main subjects of the Jehu Garcia YouTube channel, namely electric cars. Jehu tells us how, from a story-telling perspective, the world of new sustainable technologies is ripe with opportunities and ideas for filmmakers.

It was a pleasure to have Jehu on board for this round of ON THE GO, and look forward to seeing how his YouTube channel develops with time. Thanks, Jehu!

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