The Ins and Outs of 360 Audio – with Sound Designer Cheryl Ottenritter – ON THE GO – Episode 68

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In this part of our conversation with Cheryl Ottenritter, we talk about the audio side of the recent explosion in 360 and VR content creation.

360 and VR video have really become buzzwords in recent years. A wide variety of image capturing devices and a multitude of available platforms have resulted in a very fertile environment for immersive content creators to experiment in productions of all types and sizes. This is a revolution that has not only affected the way we shoot video, but also how we capture audio.

Cheryl explains the difference between VR and 360 formats, and the  different methods and tools used to approach each type. However, this kind of content creation is just in its infancy. The rules, standards and uses are not defined yet and, as Cheryl puts it, “its a bit of a wild west out there”.

We also talk about audio working on the go, and how the available technology has made it possible for creatives such as editors or indeed mixing engineers to work on the road from a laptop – to the point where being away from the studio or editing suite is no longer an excuse for clients!

This ease of access to powerful technology also brings up the conversation about a saturated market of professionals, and how at a certain point its not about the skills involved in using a certain tool, but more about the person’s own talent. On the other hand, this democratisation causes the infamous “race to the bottom”, where new professionals offer their services at often far too competitive rates, bringing down the standards of the industry as a whole.

We also touch on the issue of the proportion of men to women working in our industry. Cheryl gives us her opinion about the causes, and what she does to try and even the playing field.

Whatever your situation may be, chances are that you are having a hard time getting into the industry. So what about working for free? As somebody who it took three years to get her first paid gig, Cheryl Ottenritter gives us her thoughts on unpaid internships, and why she’s against them.

Stay tuned for the last part of our conversation with Cheryl Ottenritter, where we discuss tips for working as a freelancer!

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