Aputure DEC VariND – FS5-like ND & EF Control for any E-Mount or MFT Camera

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Aputure is about to raise the bar once again, this time with a DEC VariND version of their popular line of lens adapters. This thing is capable of bringing the functionality of Sony’s FS5-style electronic ND filtration to any E-Mount camera.

The DEC VariND Lens Adapter

We just have discovered another very interesting device, this time at the Aputure stand at this year’s IBC. The new version of their lens adapter, the DEC VariND works just like the DEC Lens Regain focal length reducer, but instead of a lens they’ve put in an electronic Variable ND filter.


This allows you to smoothly dial in just the right amount of ND reduction for any given shot. It works quite similarly to the vari ND built into the Sony FS5 camera, where liquid crystals are used to achieve the smooth transition without the weird colors and cross-effects caused by manual variable NDs. With this adapter, you can upgrade any E-Mount camera to support a variND filter, which is very cool indeed. Plus, it also allows you to control focus and iris with most EF lenses, just like with the other versions of the DEC adapter.

You control the DEC VariND with the included wireless control grip or, if you’re using it on a shoulder mounted setup, you have controls directly on the adapter itself. No need to use the wireless control unless you want to do so.

To me this is a really straight forward product which bridges the gap between the very innovative electronical VariND of the Sony FS5 and other cameras still lacking it.

It will be available in about 2 to 3 months and it will be around $650. For more information, make sure to visit Aputure’s website and watch out for updates.

UPDATE: I’ve forwared your questions regarding the DEC adapter to Aputure’s Ted Sim. Here are his (very promising) replies:

1. On release there will be two versions: an EF to E-Mount and EF to MFT Mount.
2. You are able to control the adapter without the remote control. There is a wheel on the adapter itself to control everything except focus, which can be adjusted just manually.
3. There’s an On/Off switch.
4. At the minimum setting, there will be 1 stop of ND applied. However in the future we think we can make it so the ND is removable when needed.
5. Battery life: 4 hours for the receiver/adapter, about a week for the remote control handgrip. The adapter can be charged via 5V USB, even while in use (you can use a gimbal for charging it while shooting, for example).

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