Blackmagic Cloud Store 80TB, 20TB and Cloud Store Mini 8TB Price Drops – Up to $7,000 Savings

Blackmagic Cloud Store 80TB, 20TB and Cloud Store Mini 8TB Price Drops - Up to $7,000 Savings

Good news for Blackmagic Design fans – prices for Blackmagic Cloud Store devices were just reduced. The Blackmagic Cloud Store Mini 8TB is now $2,355, the Cloud Store 20TB is now $7,595 and Cloud Store 80TB is now $22,995.

Shortly before last year’s NAB in April 2022, the Australian camera gear company Blackmagic Design first introduced its Blackmagic Cloud and Cloud Store devices. We met up with the company’s representatives at the NAB 2022 show floor and had all the cloud devices explained.

Blackmagic Cloud Store

‘Cloud Store’, the larger tower, is available in either 20TB, 80TB or in a whopping 320TB capacity. It shares the same enclosure as the (now legacy) Blackmagic eGPU. All three models sport four 10GBit/s Ethernet ports for distributing media to desktop workstations over the network. It also has an HDMI output for connecting a display to the unit to show a comprehensive dashboard of all vital information in one place.

Cloud Store
Image credit: Blackmagic Design

The smaller Cloud Store Mini offers 8TB of storage and two 10GBit/s Ethernet ports, but the device’s functionality remains the same. There is also a tiny and affordable Cloud Pod, which has no internal storage, but can be hooked up to an external SSD and features one 10 GBit/s port.

Not even a year has passed since then and Blackmagic Design has announced a reduction in price on all of their Cloud Store devices (except the 320GB, which is always special order).

This is not the first time Blackmagic Design has significantly reduced the price of its gear. In August 2021, the company slashed the Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 12K camera price by a whopping 40% (from $9,999 to $5,999) after only a year on the market.

While it might be bitter for those who invest in gear shortly before a reduction in the price, I still think it is great that a company passes the savings in optimized production processes on to the customer and reduces the price of new products to make them more accessible

Price reduction

The new, lower prices of Blackmagic Cloud Store devices look like this:

  • Mini 8TB is now $2,355 (originally $2,995 – $640 savings)
  • 20TB is now $7,595 (originally $9,595 – $2,000 savings)
  • 80TB is now $22,995 (originally $29,995 – $7,000 savings)

Were you considering getting one of the Blackmagic Cloud Store solutions for your work? What do you think of significant price reductions on existing gear? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section underneath the article.

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