Boda Jib Kickstarter – High Capacity Compact Jib

Boda Jib Kickstarter - High Capacity Compact Jib

Tired of lugging around and setting up a big heavy jib? Disappointed with the rigidity and function of smaller travelling jibs? The Boda jib could just be the one for you.

Founder Jeremy Sawatzky optimises the perfect jib in 5 key factors – Size, Weight, Set Up Time, Rigidity and Capacity. The Canadian engineer thinks he’s got the perfect mix. The Boda jib is a 9.5 foot extended, weighing 9lbs and folds to a length of just 28 inches. Set up time? Less than 15 seconds, with no tools.

boda jib

A camera jib is the perfect exemplar for compromise. Increasing rigidity and accommodating for payload results in a heavier, larger setup. We’ve seen this many times with compact jib solutions (see our Minute Review of the Kessler Pocket Jib Traveler); none have challenged full size jibs in regards to payload and reach.

The Boda jib comes close however, its design hits the middle of the pack, a reasonable payload and length whilst also a much more compact size and weight to others in a similar range.

Boda Jib

With a good, light camera setup (which due to the latest offerings from mirrorless cameras is no longer and issue) this jib could take the staple Kessler Revolution Head.

Let’s list the specifications so it is clear what this jib offers:

Boda Jib Specifications

  • Weight – 9lbs/ 4kgboda jib_2
  • Payload when fully extended – 15lbs/6.8kg
  • Payload with one arm retracted – 11.3kg
  • Length when fully extended – 9.5 ft/ 2.9M
  • Length with one arm retracted – 7.5 feet/2.28M
  • Length when folded up – 28 inches/71.1cm

Also included in its features list is a fluid pan base with drag and locking control, a vertical lock and compatibility with 75mm and 100mm half bowls.

boda jib_3This carbon fibre and aircraft grade alu constructed jib looks exciting, I for one have been waiting for a product that stirs things up the jib world.
There’s a big gap between travel and medium jibs; the Boda swings down right in the middle. Check out rewards on Kickstarter, a fully rigged Boda Jib will set you $2300 USD.

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